The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Ancestral Quantum Permeate Awareness … .

Universal Kingdoms are essential in terms of proper understanding of the Creation. Human awareness is animated by clustering <=> composite dynamic sequence, which incorporate within entire spectrum since (and surely prior) Initiation Sequence.

Human awareness is Divinely blended into seamless navigation within 3D animation.

All within 8 Kingdoms are showing certain degree of awareness, from molecular to biological (without exception).

Plants for example are equipped with diverse navigation solutions such as communication, plants react on touch, plants precisely measure time frame, plants perceive (see) light even in the darkest environment ( a single ray of light), flowers follow the light all day, yet, at night some of them turn East, while waiting for the Sunrise, plants are able to count, while closing their petals after two touches, plants compete (for partners), plants rage defensive war against invaders, plants are territorial, etc.

These are just few characteristics for other special biological qualities, ask naturalist or Anna the biologist.

8 Universal Kingdoms <=> Progression of Awareness 
I Energy
Quantified Energy
II Molecular
III Prokaryotae <=> IV Protoctista <=> V Fungi <=> VI Plantae <=> VII Animalia
\ /
( } ^ { )
VIII Homine

Awareness is propagated by 3D Spectrum where Dynamic Molecular<=> Biological Polarization is animated by diverse permeation. Awareness is, de facto, Divine, yet, propagated as a physical state until reaches orbital state beyond present oscillation, defined by compatibility within Mapping Resonant Waves (orbitals).

Awareness is derived by, yet, within Energy. Awareness manifest dynamic state of Energy , yet, is showing progressive expansion within 3D permeated frame, which constantly oscillate, same as Energy within all physical, yet, none physical states.

As Universe is submerged in 3D dynamic, permeated within machines, so is Awareness. It is a beautiful machine within trillions of clocks, which define our somatic blueprint, yet, awareness manifest coupled oscillation within quantum <=> molecular <=> biological mechanisms <=> clocks.

Evolution, as such, is not contradicting Intelligent Design, yet, explaining dynamic orbital mechanisms, very much Divine in every aspect, yet, Awareness in particular, fragmented, yet, navigating toward its origin <=> Unification <=> Fragmentation <=> Unification.

Awareness along with evolution oscillate within maximizing utilization of Energy within various physical (seen within 8 Kingdoms), yet, none physical states, while navigating animation toward the most advanced orbital <=> Energy … .



Potential Awareness < + > Kinetic Awareness < + > Interactive Awareness

.  .  .

While Universal Animation is propagating more advanced permeation of Orbitals <=> Symmetries, yet, Awareness…
8 Kingdoms of the Universal Animation
Energy within physical, yet, none physical states, is composing the primal state of awareness <=> orbital, within fragmented states of awareness via kinetic
clock mechanisms permeation.

Every, virtually every physical state, as well as none physical state of Energy illustrate Orbital Permeation (dynamic evolution), yet, human within Universe as we know it, represent the most advanced composition of Permeated Orbital Navigation <=> Symmetries, while combining entire spectrum, from Quantum <=> Molecular <=> Molecular Biological.

. . .











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