The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Ancestral Quantum Permeate the Present …

Universe along with human is, de facto, beneficiary of selflessly working subatomic machines. From quantum animation, nano scale, to any given propagated scale via permeated molecular <=> biological mechanical orbital mechanisms, kinetic existence coupled with awareness orbitals animate Universe <=> Multiverse… .

This is, de facto, orbital scaling factor, which dwell in constant motion, permeating kinetic dimensions, within hundreds of simultaneous reactions. This is the power of bacteria, subatomic machines defining our existence.

Human dwell within 8 Universal Kingdoms, yet, miraculously defined by its own entity.

Tiny letters animate great masterpieces
Inanimate Matter <=> Quantum Data <=> Density <=> Matter <=> Mass
Intelligent Design
(defined within)

Since when tiny molecules learned to think ? This is not an abstract question. Molecular intelligence is propagated via logical interaction vs the source of Energy, yet, subsequent sources of Energy <=> 3D reference point. Thinking manifest geometrical function animated, permeated animation within 3D space vs dimensional navigation, de facto, performing orbitals.

Human intelligence is propagated by miraculous orbital permeation >< navigating within spectrum of Energy. Intelligence is animated by orbitals within multidimensional (scales) permeation. Above statement is clearly indicating the notion of going back, while propagating the future. We are the living fossils within permeated data of the past and the future as undivided dimension.

Permeated Data of the Past and the Future
Undivided Dimension

Formulating past from the future, while navigating within proximity of both. This is the formula of the survival of our species once Universe begin to deflate from the state of inflation. Multidimensional ticket shall be free for all.

Human composition is resembling enormous clockwork mechanism within trillions of tiny invisible clocks (appr. 37.2 trillions cells, yet, this is not the end of fragmentation of Energy) blended via permeation into integrated animation. 
Molecular Animation >< Biological Animation 

. . .

Prism <(^)> Light
Separation of Light vs Separation of Orbitals

Dispersion of light in the prism is animated by dynamic lens effect vs static lens effect, possible by orbitals. In this instance light is not separated, yet, orbitals, where specific vibration (wavelength) is equivalent with electric performance.

In addition separation within orbital structure project unique, of the kind spectrum, we often perceive as identical, yet, spectrum is animated within proximity, which
is the opposite to constant.
Quantum Proximity
Spectrum within Proximity

Music of the Spheres is propagated within orbital composition
Rhythm >)(< Harmony
animated within compatibility, yet, compatibility within opposite,
Permeated Symmetries

Orbitals oscillate >< vibrate within 3D animation, yet, 3D dimensions are animated by orbital oscillations.

. . .

Every state within animated Energy emanate light, de facto, vibrations, yet, vibrations are equivalent with sounds.

Human is composed by the music of the spheres (8 Kingdoms of the Universe), yet, while performing within its own repertoire. Precisely, entire Universe gather within for the greatest performance, yet, while at the same time composing the future and the past simultaneously, and this is engineering, Divine engineering embedded within Intelligent Design.

Human is composed of trillions of tiny clocks, yet, continuous flashes of light, sounds, colors, vibrations, yet, all works … .

Every human being in terms of somatic composition (coupled within molecular >< biological symmetries <> data) animate unique, one of the kind musical performance, that’s why we are talking about characters, compatibility etc.

Absorption as such, in any state, is none existent, yet, within molecular >< biological animation permeation plays essential role.

The essence of Universal Beauty is Intelligent Design embedded within performing illumination, sounds >< music, 3D geometrical permeation,  vibrations, colors, equations, and this permeated order is often manifested by our admiration of natural beauty, where orbital symmetries, permeated proportions, reflect our inner composition.


Intelligent Design…






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