The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Ancestral Quantum Permeate the Present …


How Energy is animating and projecting dimension of ideas. Energy is embedded within molecular structure; En3rgy <=>  Inanimate Matter <=> Density <=> Matter <=> Mass… .

Energy animate idea through molecular structure of the world, highly organized structure, indeed. That’s how Energy animate ideas, yet, entire broadcast, to be precise.

To illustrate above notion we can observe fragmentation of light within spectrum of light, yet, while spectrum of light interacting with diverse propagated molecular performance, we are able to experience within and beyond.

Thermal imagery showing motion of air vs an object is illustrating simplified orbital animation (diverse and subtle thermal fields, as well as permeation sequence if intensity of broadcast is sufficient).

To date, human animate the most advanced formulation, when it comes to permeated symmetries <=> integrated orbital network.

How than we can illustrate Universal Scrolls of  Existence ? The Scrolls of Existence are embedded within every man, woman, which compose <=> animate Triangular broadcast within 8 Universal Kingdoms.

Ancestral Forces Permeate the Present; it is true as Universal animation is reflecting animation built within its foundation, de facto, Energy (Initiation Sequence), and within fragmented spectrum, while formulating mirroring projected by proximity, de facto, assembling, disassembled  animations.

Quantum animation is difficult to observe, due to the infinite motion sequence, which permeate and animate reality, yet, we could find traces of this illusive and Divine science.

We shall search no more, while quantum animation is within our reach, yet, it is showing its fantastic properties within you, as well as myself.

Quantum Animation is clearly displayed within vocabulary, speech, words, sentences, within all written and spoken propagated dimensions, text, to date.

Speech animate entire Quantum Mechanics, and I am sure it’s surprised that is finally revealed.

Astronomy for Lawyers
Quantum Animation vs Speech (argumentation);
Human <=> Society
Logic, Hierarchical Animation <=> Orbitals <=> Permeation <=> Symmetries <=> Reversed Symmetry <=> Transition of Data <=> Transformation <=> Sequence<=> Broadcast <=> Cohesion <=> Organized Relations <=> Partitions <=> Assembling <=> Disassemble <=> Compatibility <=> Compatible Opposites <=> Quantifier Formulas <=> etc.



Where, in this simple, yet, diversified complexity <=> spectrum is Man ? Human, in this instance represent animated within 3D argument, formulated within integrated animation, molecular vocabulary, which learned not only kinetic animation, yet, to animate verbally its quantum properties,  as well as future sequence.

INtelligent Design
Human <=> Argument
Argument <=> Logical <=> Molecular <=> Spiritual

Quantum Animation <=> Predicate
Speech animate intricacies within illusive quantum animation.


We could go even further. While analyzing speech patterns we can observe DNA, including DNA sequencing.

Illustration shown, reflect not only UNiversal Animation, since Initiation Sequence, yet, speech as well, where Quantum Animation project its properties.


Multiverse Animation <=> Universal Animation












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