The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Universal Printing vs DNA Sequencing … .

Light is the physical phenomenon of visualization, de facto, visualization of  Intelligent Design. In this instance light and a thought share a common, essential property, flares and flashes (neurons, Sun), fragmented reality from subatomic dimension into Universal, miraculous projection.

After decades of observations I came to the conclusion that beauty of the Universe is not a luxury, yet, it is  essential paradigm of Intelligent Design, higher intelligence which navigate science, de facto,  physical laws oscillating within aesthetic paradigm, beauty within forms, as well as attitudes, behavior.

The beauty of the Universe is not a luxury, yet, it is  essential paradigm of Intelligent Design, we ca not afford to ignire if we desire to thrive and survive. Beauty is not a luxury, yet, it is a path toward self perfection, as well as expansion within Intelligent Design, which accentuate moral beauty as well… .

Reality is virtually printed within 3D animation, yet, projected by infinite episodes, visible and invisible. Light is printing Universal animation same as Gutenberg thought us to print our thought and desires in 1444.

Same as Light is printing Universal animation within 3D dimensions, human thought is printing reality, now, while learning from proximity, this sequence will evolve into printing by thoughts a new dimensions, and this is a proof of Intelligent Design, exact reversed order which oscillate within Universal <=> Multiverse beauty, where essential order of things begins with beauty, aesthetic paradigm navigating our world.

Printing Reality
Sun <=> Human Mind



With regard to science, we do not learn facts, yet, mechanisms of beauty, we all so deeply desire on many levels. Our often unaware search for beauty is animated by thought and light, and everything in between.

We shall not depart in our journey, scientific journey  from the basics, science, attitudes shall reflect aesthetic symmetries within every dimension, social, professional, spiritual… .

We shall learn beauty not as a luxury but a fundamental paradigm, innate reflex… .

Energy <=> Spectrum of Light is printing information, data permeated within inanimate space, yet, transforms its potential into dynamic Energy… .

There is not one reality, yet, dimensions, animated by fragmented Energy, permeated pictures, animations, examples; Roentgen, UV, infrared, microwaves, radio waves etc.

Metaphysics of Universal animation, since its initiation (birth), is animated and printed via golden font of light within transformed dimensions, where the Center of  Universal Symmetry is permeation of transformation, yet, not a form, strictly.

Transmission of a genetic sequence is a mechanism occurring within Energy orbitals, fine fragmentation, within compatibility <=> proximity, embedded within 3D space, which is animated by the same Energy.

DNA Sequencing is due to the compatibility <=> proximity coupling mechanism.

Chiseling sculpture simplified analysis;

Energy <=> Light  <=> Printing by Intelligent Design ;


  • visualization
  • proximity
  • molecular vibrations
  • density <=> matter <=> mass
  • permeation within symmetries 
  • printing molecular (non biological <=> biological ( } permeation
  • 3D
  • mirroring <=> printing




How is genius formed <=> animated within Intelligent Design; by multiplication within diverse proximity a new advanced structure <=> animation is propagated as a kinetic function in 3D space within sequential multiplicated permeation of symmetries.  Genius mind reaches higher orbital level with permeated symmetries… .









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