The Holy Land: Israel vs Palestine …

Our global family reached a milestone. It is exciting to experience such a beautiful force within human hearts and minds.

Enormous force, indeed, potential… .

Human population as of today: 7 520 140 850 animate an obligation as well, obligation with regard to mutual affairs, which are global in every instance, especially when it comes to the right to live, right to exist.

World 7 520 140 850
Jews 20 000 000

yet, how many voices are there defending Palestinians, where is the rest of the world, which would, in peaceful, civilized manner, tell our Jewish brothers and sister, please stop abusing Palestinians, please stop violent acts.

Due to the violence between Jews and Palestinians as well as very sensitive area, where human rights are abused, daily, in The Holy Land, I would like to propose to establish International Monitoring Commission along with representatives who would monitor the situation in the Holy Land.

Jewish State, regrettably, is not reflecting its creative, moral potential in The Holy Land. Statistics are showing dramatic decrease, shift, with regard to landownership. Palestinians are squeezed between Jewish State and global inability to ask questions about the matter, which touches the very core of moral standards.

Situation in the Holy Land is, de facto, our mutual responsibility, badly fulfilled for so long by our Jewish brothers and sisters, along with radicalized groups on both sides, yet, the gravity of responsibility is clearly showing that the game is not about values, religion, but land grab and control.

We can not allow ethnic cleansing in the Holy Land, the Holy Land degraded to the epicenter of violence in the world.

Jewish State is a bad Ambassador when it comes to human rights in the Holy Land, and its actions does not reflect my opinions, as well as attitude with regard to problem solving matters.

World 7 520 140 850
Jews 20 000 000

we have a right to ask questions Jewish State, politely and persistently, while demanding change often violent policies inflicted on women, men, children in the Holy Land.

Dear Friends, please ask, politely and persistently, every Jewish man and woman on your path, when this nightmare will end for the suppressed nation, tormented families in the Holy Land.

It is your right and obligation to defend … .

Ask; when will you stop management through violence and policies of deep divisions in the Holy Land.

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner



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