The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs DNA Data Orbitals vs Triangular Sequence …

How would we describe our world in one word. The key word reflecting Universal status quo would be Specialization within diverse dimensional animations.

In order to understand our civilization embedded within Universal animation we would have to embark into the journey backward, yet, analyzing Divine footsteps, vibrations within temperature. Yes,  our Universe <=> Multiverse if fond of warmth, human quality, indeed … .

Life is fond of light and warmth, where structure of the UNiverse is non existent beyond permeated symmetries.

The essence with regard to the structure if the Universe is kinetic animation. Kinetic permeation is so dynamic we don’t even have the access to our UNiverse wihtin close sequential proximity, except proximity of the deep past. Perhaps some day we will be forced to reevaluate science based on a new data derived from less remote proximity within animated sequence.

Triangular Sequence indicate that Homogeneous Energy is engineered to animate

Subatomic Animations
Elements >< Elementary Particles
Plasma <=> Gases <=> Liquids <=> Solids


Motion propagate Dimensions, dimensions propagate Symmetries. In this instance Earth is animated by propagation of Symmetries, Energy orbitals animated by Sun flares.

Sun flares represent projections of data embedded within 3D permeation.

Molecular memory vs Vortex of Matter
Molecular Memory is formed within reflected kinetic symmetries, where compatibility within colors, vibrations, wave function, numeric/mathematical, geometric animations compose the future within predesigned kinetic compilations.

Within human DNA is embedded entire spectrum with regard to science, yet, the most reliable scientific data when it comes to close past proximity vs data derived by observation of the Universal past is outdated compared to data within human scientific data, which is updated and reliable … .

We don’t have access to Universal animation within so called “present”, yet, we do know animated sequence within human DNA, permeated diverse animation within proximity of existential miracles multiplied at least by 7 billions precise Symmetries, which contain string paths, compatible, yet unique … .

While combining data from observation of the Universal past (telescopes, background radiations etc.) as well as updated animated sequence within human DNA we could obtain precise sequence projected within Mapping Resonant Waves.






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