The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs DNA Data Orbitals vs Dynamic Energy vs Vortex vs Light Bulb …

20170712_ 163023_edited-1

Are we important in the Universe ? Certainly. Human race is the product of Intelligent Design, sophisticated, breathtaking science, which liberated itself from practical essence, into luxury we describe as awareness… .

Another important point with regard to the human race and its place in the Universe, as we know it, is that we are, de facto,  meant to be a nucleus for the next Universal animation.

How to illustrate the Universe. Light is the source of kinetic data, which propagate spectrum of light within permeated symmetries; illustration is showing the essence within;

Universe <=> Multiverse <=> Permeation <=> Symmetries.

Light dwell within the light via permeation within energy orbitals.

Division within biological cells illustrate Universal animation within all stages projected in scale. The cell division corresponds with the vibrations of the harmonic matter


Is the Multiverse striving for unification ? Certainly.

We can observe this phenomenon within human animations; races, cultures even genders are blending into unified substance, powerful indeed.

. . .

Universe <=> Multiverse <=> Biological Animation is propagated by two main kinetic projections;

Inflation <=> Deflation


Yet, to fully grasp the notion of Energy, to understand its essence, we would have to blend entire spectrum of Energy into unified entity, this is Energy.

Energy is also the essence of stability of data, yet, this notion is proving that unification represent the paradigm permeated within paradigm of fragmentation sequence.

Light is the source of kinetic data. Entire Universe is glowing, yet, we can’t see it. Universal illumination is kinetic as a Christmas Tree, with diverse intensities within permeated spectrum.

How than UNiverse <=> Multiverse is connected ? The Vortex of Matter is perhaps the answer. At the end of the Vortex of Matter is the Light Bulb, very special data, which populate dimensions.

Light Bulb at the end of the Vortex of Matter is corresponding with human vision…

light-particles a


Brain Function (10)








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