The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs DNA Data Orbitals vs Dynamic Energy vs Inanimate Energy…

Spectral Animation; subatomic animation is reflected within biological animations.

Kinetic Universe
Social projections are animated by behavior of subatomic spectrum, atoms.

Projected  mind is <=> animated by symmetries <=> hidden symmetries <=> transparent symmetries { ) animated by integrated orbitals.

Sexuality Animate  Interdependence within Energy and plasticity of Matter
Intelligent Design

The linguistic structure project permeated structures penetrating molecular symmetries within diverse kinetic vectors.

Navigation within Symmetry <=> Linguistic Symmetry … .

Hierarchical structure of the Universe <=> Multiverse is animated by Orbitals … .

The “clock” is animated <=> composed by synchronized molecular symmetries.

Hillis plot of the tree of life based on  completely  sequenced genomes_edited-2.jpg

Universal Animation <=> Images <=> are living its own unique existence, yet, new projections project a subsequent unique existence.

We live in the world of coded projections, integrated within, yet, living with its own projected uniqueness.

The mental concept does not differ from the sound or image vibration, except that the each lives its own life within universe defined by diverse proximity.

The permeability of the universal animation
Universal Imagery project the  essence of beauty

Human is, de facto, animated by projected image of the Universe
Universe is, de facto, projected image of Man…

Orloy Astronomical_Clock_(8341899828).jpg

Orloy Astronomical Clock

. . .


The Living Language is Tuned by Molecular Eloqu3nce … .
Animation within Spectral Animations… .


Vitruvian Man abc

Pink Republic Watch_edited-1










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