The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs DNA Data Orbitals vs Dynamic Energy vs Inanimate Energy…


Structural animation of the Universe is reflected within anatomy of plants, animals, humans, yet, cellular composition is parallel with energy orbitals.

Within human cellular composition is embedded Universal data, from initiation sequence, yet, surely reaching beyond Universal animation.

Cellular composition <=> protoplasm, cytoplasm, nucleoplasm <=> reflect composition of the Universe… .

Cellular composition within human body, as well as plants and animals is showing a state of Energy prior to plasma projected state, within fraction of Initiation sequence.

By careful observation of the cellular composition we are able to reach formation <=> creation of the Universal animation.

Cellular composition along with kinetic properties is a path to reach the beginning of our world, as well as animate Multiverse broadcast.

Energy Orbitals Permeation is animated within spectrum of Energy <=> Light <=> Subatomic Animation <=> Cellular Animation.

Grains of starch are providing clues about homogeneous energy, fragmentation, symmetries, energy orbitals, as well as Energy <=> Inanimate Matter <=> Density <=> Matter <=-> Mass … .

In addition, cellular funneling illustrate not only orbital permeation  within dynamic symmetries, yet, possibly Multiverse, within transfer of Energy.


Molecular Orbitals

Energy Orbital <=> Supersymmetry )<   Permeation


Cellular Orbitals


. . .


Universe <=> Multiverse
Homogeneous Energy < Neutral Energy ( at the absolute kinetic minimum)<=> Density <=> Matter <=> Mass

A typical egg is also providing clue with regard to molecular composition <=> cellular composition, as well as a defining moment between molecular animation and biological interactive, yet, cellular potency to animate interactive existence is present throughout the Universe.


Cellular shapes <=> Permeation of Energy <=> Permeation of Symmetries

Anatomical structure of plants, animals, human,  as well as crystallography, structural chemistry explain cellular structure, where symmetry is compatible within symmetry of particles, yet, it also explain Multiverse animation <=> Permeation within navigation… .

Coupled Symmetries within cellular symmetries indicate Multiverse broadcast as well.

Universe Multiverse










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