The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs DNA Data Orbitals vs Dynamic Energy vs Passive Energy… .

Animation of spatial structures by dynamic systems, including dynamic geometry, permeation of Energy in Space inflated into Universe represent, de facto, awareness.

Awareness are fragmented into orbitals, navigation <=> communication of data<=> Energy orbitals… .

Human is, de facto, synthesis within orbitals. Nuclear mechanics indicate that animation within singular particle <=> multiplication of subatomic particles always oscillate, and is, de facto, different within molecular spectrum, because interact within specific string path, location in space, kinetic navigation. Entire spectrum within Universe <=> Multiverse oscillate within proximity.

Recreating history of the Universe, including transformation of the world, is not difficult, because molecular processes as well as simulations are happening in front of our eyes.

Embryo development, human development within any given stage, animate precise model of the Universal Animation <=> Multiverse Animation.

While exploring Universe<=>Multiverse, we are allowed to explore Human singularity <=> Social Network, yet, both phenomenons Universe <=> Multiverse >< Human <=> Society, are interconnected, coupled within every animated fragmentation.

Light is animated by the dynamic systems, geometric-mathematical, which, de facto, stimulate Inanimate Matter to glow, illuminate. By Mapping Resonant Waves, permeation of orbitals, we will be able to recreate entire spectrum of awareness.

The primary feature with regard to spectrum of light is stimulation toward diverse networks of illumination, orbitals.

Within universal animation not only light glows, yet, entire space is affected.  Inanimate Matter through continuous supply of energy from the stars, transform space into illuminated networks.

Light <=> Dynamic Energy >*< Inanimate Matter <=> Passive Energy
Universal Animation


Geometric- Mathematical Animation
Universal Network
Biological Blueprint of the Universe

Brain Function (2)
(image source: Wikipedia)

Why there is no visible light within human eyes; this phenomenon is explained  by mechanism animated within dynamic energy <=> passive energy.










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