The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs 8 Kingdoms of the Universe …

The birth of knowledge is animated within quantified Energy, fragmentation, particles, as well as Inanimate Matter.

Words animate images, yet, animations composed from ingredients of the world, de facto, Universal Kingdoms.

As we read the signs, letters, engage in visual communication via sounds, as well as touch, the very same mechanism propel and navigate Energy <=> Inanimate Matter <=> Density <=> Matter <=> Mass… .

Human communication, language, is described as The Principle of Binary Opposition, de facto,  essential building block with regard to  human language, culture, which dwell within “deep structure”.

Human navigate, while communication is animating images within and beyond internal broadcast.

World is animated within two distinct orbitals;
* Deep structure <=> read Hidden Symmetries.
* Surface structures <=> read Transparent Symmetries.

In this chapter we talk about unique experience, de facto,  unification, blending, if you will,  of “unrelated science”, in this instance social science, as well as physics, astronomy, biology.

“Introducing to Social Science” (E. Baldwin, B. Longhurst, S.McCracken M. Ogborn, G. Smith) is describing parallels, precise molecular mechanics, including quantum mechanics, yet, while studying and analyzing cultural affairs.

Meanings emerge from precise blends, composition of orderly patterns. This very sentence is describing subatomic animation, physics, astronomy, where movement of ideas, acoustical signs of speech, describe unification of Energy within fragmented, quantified animations, while projecting patterns.

Light <=> Acoustical Picture <=> Sequential Relations.

Reality is animated <=> projected by diverse broadcast of reality, yet, unified into seamless performance.

Phoneme <=> Sentence <=> Phrases
<) relate to (>
Hidden Symmetries <=> Transparent Symmetries

The environment affects the language (social science) <=> animation is defined by proximity within orbitals. Obvious parallels.

Atoms and biological compositions;
Atoms <=> Organella <=> Cells <=> Organs <=> Organs Systems <=> Organism

. . .

8 Universal Kingdoms
I Energy
Quantified Energy
II Molecular
III Prokaryotae <=> IV Protoctista <=> V Fungi <=> VI Plantae <=> VII Animalia
VIII Homine


Quote; “The laws of physics, chemistry, which govern the world, are the same for none biological as well as biological existence.  There are no specific physical or chemical laws that would apply only to biological organisms” (“Biology”; Solomon, Berg, Martin, Villee 1985).

What else we could add to the elegant description <=> within Man dwell Universe, yet, Universe is animated by Man, while broadcast of Man is projected by Universe.

Human is composed by vibrations, integrated clusters, de facto, quantified Energy within orbitals, sequence, and, yet, the sequence of 8 Universal Kingdoms. 

“Existence is not embedded in time but in regular patterns, located in events and things, not in time ” Trobrianders, New Guinea. What a wonderful, yet, scientific approach to the intuitive perception of Universal order.

. . .

Image credit/edited from the book: “Why Things Are the Way They Are”
by Mr. B.S. Chandrasekhar.

Torn material can be fixed by human mind, projected thoughts, animations, yet, by composition of vibrations, integrated clusters, de facto, quantified Energy within orbitals, patterns, and, yet, the sequence  of 8 Universal Kingdoms. 

To mend the material, the entire science of the Universe is engaged, de facto, Intelligent Design.

Vitruvian Man  abc.jpg






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