The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Fabric of Space …

Kinetic Space <=> Permeation of Energies within 3D animated Energy.

3D Space <=> Inflation <=> 3D Universe
Permeation of Energies

. . .

Light <=> Inanimate Matter
Symmetry of Life

. . .
Light<=> Symmetry of Life <=> Electromagnetic Spectrum
Biological String Path Propagation
Energy Orbitals
Molecular String Paths
Energy <=> Inanimate matter

Light Propagate Symmetry of Life within Projected Orbitals <=> 3D Broadcast

 Symmetry is the science of kinetic quantum fragmentation and synthesis.

Permeation of Energy is, de facto, defining Kinetic Space, yet, parallel to this phenomenon is also permeation of Laws of Physics, which occurs simultaneously.

Permeation of Energy is, de facto, defining Laws of Physics, yet, Laws of Physics define permeation of Energy;

 Permeation of Energy <=> Permeation of Laws of Physics
3D Broadcast
Universe <=> Multiverse
Permeation within Animations

In addition, Universal kinetic broadcast, within any given scale is propagating not only symmetry, yet, proportions.

Within Kinetic Space at the absolute kinetic minimum <=> Fabric of Space <=> is submerged/immersed any given subsequent entity, stars, galaxies, clusters, and obviously Earth (the notion of curvature, in my opinion, require precise description).

Within Fabric of Space, Inanimate Matter is immersed animated broadcast.

Mathematical <=> Geometrical  law of attraction, is “derived” from compatibility, yet, also indicate probability, beyond any doubt, in my opinion,  that Earth like civilization(s) is also animated by Intelligent Design within Kinetic Space.

Quote; “the laws of physics are symmetrical in relation to the symmetric shift (reposition),  in the sense that they do not change their form along with coordinates”.

Permeation of laws of physics within Kinetic Space is proven by now, yet, the notion of symmetry with regard to laws of physics is anticipated as compatibility within transformation <=< transition, which evolve within diverse, emerging proximity <=> Integrated Animations within compatibility <=> compatible opposites.

The laws of physics are affected by shift / reposition in every instance, animated proximity, because reposition is animated within subsequent Universal orientation <=> navigation.

Kinetic Space <=> Parallel <=> Square of Acceleration
Speed of Lite <=> Inanimate Matter
Space Travel

Speed of light is defined by physical state, properties of Inanimate Matter (“density), yet, Inanimate Matter define speed of light within our dimension.

Spacetime curvature.png



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