The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Energy Orbitals … .

New Physics

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle – is none existent and require revision.

Energies perform within  specific broadcast, which animate Energy within <=> interactions <=> permeated fluctuations, where even solids are Energy within specific physical state.

Energy transforms Energy network, within its vicinity, yet, interconnected with Universal broadcast.

Every kinetic fragmentation is measurable, yet, within specific orbital (uncertainty refer to practical notion of measurement).

Light <=> Wave <=> Particle projection is referring to the fabric of space, Inanimate State of Energy ( at the absolute kinetic minimum),

Light is, de facto, transforming dimension, Inanimate Matter <=> Fabric of Space.

Uncertainty Principle is none existent, because Energy, oscillations, fluctuations, are interconnected with entire animation spectrum.

To grasp Universal simplicity within complexity,  we ought to participate in an intellectual notion on globally integrated animation, based on compatibility, compatibility of opposites.

Human eyes are detectors, which absorb electromagnetic broadcast, yet, transform particles into waves <=> parallel with Vortex of Matter.

Observed animation during experiment is affected by observation due to the interconnected Broadcast of Energy (states), yet, any device becomes an integral part of the network.

Human eyes are, de facto, animating, in scale, Vortex of Matter properties, why pulling, absorbing  animated broadcast, yet, is within interconnected broadcast.

We can derive another conclusion; the Vortex of Matter is absorbing only specific fragmentation of Energy/Spectrum, otherwise Universal Sequence would expire by now.

UNiverse with great degree of certainty is porous, while permeation of specific Energy, data,  is penetrating  Universe <=> Multiverse.

Even localized kinetic network is affecting Universal <=> Multiverse broadcast. A little splash is heard within all corners of the Universe, yet, beyond the rim… .

Universal Symmetry; Energy <=> Inanimate Matter <=> Density <=> Matter <=> Mass.

Universal Symmetry oscillate within orbitals defined by performance of Energies embedded within transformations, permeated physical states.

Broadcast (behavior) of Light  is animating symmetries, kinetic waves, within Inanimate Matter, which becomes, de facto, a carrier of Energy.

The most beautiful manifestation of symmetry is not just the form, but the movement, kinetic transformation within animated states, proximity, compatibility.

The Perfect Symmetry oscillates within kinetic transformation, which always appears differently, perfectly animated by Intelligent Design.

The Perfect Symmetry project logical transformation; gravitational forces (attraction) are directly connected with orbitals, equalizing animations.

The New Physics  is bridging transparent symmetries with hidden symmetries, yet, the perfect animation of both is, de facto, human being, its miraculous rise the the next orbital, interactive awareness.

Uniformisation of thought is projecting beauty, yet, lack of uniformisation of thoughts is animating miracles, because elevate individuality the the subsequent levels of performance;

Universe <=> Multiverse
Energy <=> Inanimate Matter <=> Density <=> Matter <=> Mass
Intelligent Design
(destined for performance).





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