The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Energy Orbitals … .

Awareness is not associated exclusively with human being, yet, the most sophisticated within energy orbitals.

Attached picture illustrate a “walking flower”, which I found in Brenna, Poland last year. Flower is attached, located  right by the edge of to the river bed, yet, after Sun exposure changed, flower started to follow Energy by attaching growing roots (pink color), and virtually changing location toward the center of the riverbed (from right to left)  or roots from the center of the river toward the riverbed curb. Roots are attached deep in the soil,  meters from colorful petals, yet, entire system (root) is made of bridges spanning while navigating its existence between the Sun (Energy source) and the nutritious, moist soil (Energy source as well).

Flower manifest first, yet, not only and exclusive sign of self awareness, yet, not interactive,  abstract, as in human. In addition, virtually every subatomic particle project similar property, while navigating within Energy orbitals, temperature, pressure, spectrum of light.

Awareness animate Energy translation projected by navigation within spectrum of Energy.

Human being is miraculously composed by Energy orbitals as well as quantified, fragmented, awareness.

Obviously human is not related to flowers, beside appealing poetic expressions, yet, this example is clearly showing string path similar to human being, quite common, yet, remote from the string path of homo sapiens.

The element bridging this particular flower is Intelligent Design, which do not discriminate matter, while evenly distributing broadcast progression.

Energy <=> Inanimate Matter <=> Density<=> Matter<=> Mass is, de facto,  intelligent, perfectly composed, organized, potent, creative, because always oscillate within the source of transformation.

Flower is positively opportunistic, while positioning itself for the best exposure, yet, the sources of Energy within essential orbitals.  This example is also animating notion that every creature is created to achieve fulfillment, along with its potential. Fulfillment is a natural state, natural, graciously granted by Intelligent Design, Higher Intelligence,  and this notion shall be accepted by proponents of life filled with suffering, pain, while hoping that fulfillment is on the other side of the river.

Let’s learn from this humble flower, simple, yet, beautifully broadcasting Shrewd Universal Message. Joy is a natural state (without extremes, excesses).


. . .

Primary symmetry animate diverse broadcast with regard to symmetries, which are essential blocks of aware, interactive existence.  Primary Symmetry during and after the Initiation sequence became fragmented, quantified, yet, we are experiencing unification of symmetries into Primary Symmetry.

Primary Symmetry <=> Quantified Symmetry <=> Primary Symmetry
Energy <=> Inanimate Matter <=> Density <=> Matter <=> Mass

. . .

Reality is not complicated, while oscillating within kinetic broadcast.

Motion <=> Kinetic Animation

. . .

Good news is that face of Intelligent Design, God,  is changing, becomes increasingly more beautiful, yet, parallel with expansion of frame of awareness. Beauty is composing and animating  multidimensional beauty.

Energy is not only intelligent, yet, beautiful, where intelligence is synonymous with beauty, and vice versa.

. . .

To understand Mountain, we’ve got to go beyond visible, understand simplicity of Energy. Yet, Mountain reveal its secrets to those, who appreciate Divine Art.

Vitruvian Man A - Copy



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