The President of the United States in Israel. “Let the stones hear, what heart and mind of flesh and blood has to say, in the name of the Divine love, wisdom, which do not recognize limitations … “

Today The President of The United States of America is with official visit in Israel, The Holy Land.

I wish American people, represented by The US President Mr. D. Trump, Jewish people, represented by The President Mr. Reuven Rivlin, The Prime Minister of Israel Mr. B. Netanyahu, Palestinians, proactive solutions with regard to Peace in the Holy Land, as well as good health and prosperity.

Mr. Prime Minister, the 150 years old Bible (presented during reception), is broadcasting the best in man, as well as the most evil side, some even say, a criminal record of the past, where the Spirit of God is suppressed, yet, from ashes human Spirit is raised by the Heavenly wind, Divine presence.

Mr. President D. Trump, Mr. Prime Minister B. Netanyahu, my personal wish, a wish of a good will and unspoiled thoughts is as follow; thank you from the bottom of my heart for protecting the Holy sites in the Holy Land, yet, it’s not enough, while Christian pride is in turmoil, innocent man, children, family are suffering.

Mr. Prime Minister, protect walls of the Temples, Churches, Holy Sites, yet, do not allow to violate man, Christian Man, Catholic family, children.

Not long ago a woman, who is posing as Catholic, yet, from the Jewish roots as myself, demanded to sign up my child to the the school for impaired children. I had to battle this plan, along with 10 people, who gathered to seal his life at this school.

My will prevailed, today Jacob is gifted, talented kid, rewarded, with future he deserves along with two other siblings. Yet, I can not enjoy this very moment, because ethical norms are suppressed, along with legalized violence, systemic, persistent denial with regard to human rights.

Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister, please care for the Holy Sites, yet, for the Living Temples, including the Gift of blood, body of Jesus Christ, which is violated.

While cold stones are preserved without souls, what would they say ?

Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister, take care of the Temples, Churches, Holy Sites, do not violate the most precious Holy Temple, man, family, children, my family including, disrespected, tormented, tarnished, killed. Until than, I will have a serious doubts about genuine attitude and will.

Temple made of stone, even the Holiest, without man in it, are empty, none existent.

Quote; “Who gather in my name … .”

Jesus Christ during The Last Supper clearly proclaimed, quote; “I am giving you my blood and my flesh, for the memory of me. Who will participate in the Feast, will live forever… .” What else we could add to this. The gift of blood and flesh is meant to protect, until next coming … .

These are the signs of our times, when the blood and flesh of The Holy Grail is violated.

Protecting walls, The Holy Sites, is the right thing to do, yet, at the same time violating man, The Holy Grail, is the most evil policy imaginable.

Let the stones hear, what heart and mind of flesh and blood has to say, in the name of the Divine love, wisdom, which do not recognize limitations … .

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner


After leaving Saudi Arabia, President Donald Trump has arrived in Israel. We’re covering his trip live.

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