The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Energy Orbitals … .

Within subatomic animation physical states constantly fluctuate within Energy <=< Fabric of Space. Yet, we’ve got to recognize kinetic interaction between Energy <=> Inanimate Matter while physical states are propagated into particles <=> waves (classic example is photon).

Universal animation is essentially animating within Energy <=> Inanimate Matter <=> Density <=> Matter <=> Mass.

Inanimate Matter is propagated by Energy, it is, de facto, a physical state of Energy, at the absolute kinetic minimum, yet, actively participating during sequence from which emerge either radiation, particle or both.

Quantum mechanics is parallel to social interactions: a group of people is more predictable than singular human being. In this instance Quantum Mechanics propagate mirroring sequence within social proximity.

Quantum Mechanics <=> Biological Animation
Progressive Mirroring <=> Reversed Mirroring
UNiverse <=> Multiverse



Energy Inanimate Matter
Progressive <=> Reversed Mirroring
Future <=> Past <=> Future
Energy Orbitals
Time is none essential as sequence is oscillating within string path proximity.

Human cellular composition contain essential forces, which are associated with Universal Animation; gravity, electricity, electromagnetic field, strong force, weak force, yet, we could find find principles of Vortex of Matter as well.

Universal Animation emerge and is propagated from Multiverse Broadcast

Multiverse <=> Universe
Progressive Mirroring <=> Reversed Mirroring

Awareness is a physical state embedded within kinetic sequence, yet, orientation within navigation. Awareness represent Energy orbitals as well, is never at the constant state, yet, performing.

Awareness <=> Molecular Kinetic Unaware <=> Molecular Biological Aware <=> Kinetic Frame of Awareness

In addition, we need to reevaluate a notion of the Creation, yet, more precise description would be Procreation (ancient language describe this phenomenon as “many dwellings”).
Cellular computation within proximity is proving above statement  eloquently.

Elementary Particles <=> Standard Model high velocity Energy, propagate subsequent Energy state within Inanimate Matter. Particles appear and disappear in Inanimate state of Energy, once String Energy reaches orbital within compatibility.

Elementary Particles <○> threshold within kinetic string path<○> Stable Particles
Permeation of Energy

Energy <=> Inanimate Matter is, de facto, a engine producing subsequent states, once string paths within Progressive <=> Reversed sequence operate within subtle, yet, powerful Energy orbitals <=> Permeation of Energy is evident, yet, powerful, while maintaining equalization sequence.

Particles are changing its geometrical permeation according to the sequential states propagated by Energy <=> Inanimate Matter <=> Density <=> Matter <=> Mass … .

Beyond particles, energy field is propagated by the subsequent state of Energy, which fluctuate into subsequent orbitals.

Symmetry is profoundly kinetic, yet, geometrical, because Universe <=> Multiverse is at the constant motion.


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