The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Luminescent Data … .

Perfect science; perfect science does exist, yet, incorporate understanding of the entire sequence, which propagate broadcast in terms of animated
Energy within Density <=> Matter <=> Mass.

Perfect science is also reflected in social interactions, ethical science,  which define attitudes, judgement, yet, both, molecular <=> biological are virtually related within permeated sequence.

The beginning of human existence is within vibrating atoms, subatomic world, where tiny instruments compose tunes along with embedded man into Universal orchestra, animated by notations of Multiverse… .

Chaos is none existent in Universe <=> Multiverse. We can’t define sufficiently chaos. Energy <=> Density <=> Matter <=> Mass is highly organized within structural composition, de facto, every animated stage, yet, kinetic motion reflect the essence of logic.

The essence of information is kinetic performance, yet, Universal kinetic performance define information.

Kinetic propagation <=> Information <=> Orientation <=> Source of Information
Universe         <=>     Multiverse 

Molecular kinetic performance not only define sequence, yet, emotions as well; temperature, pressure, kinetic orbitals, even spectrum of colors.
Permeation of Data
Permeation of Data
Intelligent Design

In addition, DNA are not merely molecules, yet, 3D kinetic, geometric data, permeated, oscillating at the rhythm of Universal broadcast, embedded into Multiverse translated into arithmetic equations, musical notes and phrases, chemical structures, temperature, spectrum of light, colors … .

Energy is synonymous with information, yet, information is Energy. Someone stated that information is weightless, yet, entire Universe <=> Multiverse is, de facto,  information, data.

Interactive mirroring
Interactive Symmetries
Hidden Symmetries <=> Transparent Symmetries
Permeation within diverse proximity

Molecular Orbitals vs Biological Orbitals

Nervous system;

Energy levels <=> Orbitals are reflected within human nervous system;

  • Central nervous system
  • Spinal cord
  • Brain
  • Nerve pathways
  • Nerve fibers, etc.

Based on above observation we can built animation within permeated energies, translated into 3D geometry as well as subsequent translations (sound broadcast, equations).

Autonomous systems within human body, yet, interconnected, project permeated mirroring;

Molecular animation <=> Biological Animation
Universal Animation
Galaxies <=> Clusters

Closed systems do not exist within Universe and beyond, yet, autonomous interconnected into broadcast network (the law of conservation of energy require revision).

Types of Energy; kinetic <=> kinetic interactive. The notion of energy potential require revision as well, due to the fact that every particle is kinetic, yet, embedded into kinetic broadcast; Universe <=> Multiverse … .

Energy, kinetic performance, is propagating temperature, colors (spectrum), light, acoustic broadcast (sounds).

Human, de facto, project unique Universal animation <=> composition.

Human perception of harmony, as well as desire to achieve harmony is animated by Universal law embedded within equalization of energies <=> permeated symmetries.

Sleep reflects wave motion, oscillation, as well as transitions within orbitals, energy levels, where harmonic permeation within spectrum of energy is evident; EOG, EMG, EEG, EKG, REM etc.

Movement of the eyeballs during a sleep are propagated by electromagnetic energy,
3D imagery;
Sensory Navigation (awake)<=> Projected Animated Navigation (sleep)

Energy Orbitals

What is important about sleep science is that experiments are proving irrelevancy of time, yet, sequential animation (every human being manifest different “biological clock”, including “sleep clock”). Every man on Earth project unique acoustic composition within permeated geometrical animation, spectrum of colors etc.

In addition, experiments referring to as time-isolated, indicate that passages of time (isolated), are different, than passages if time propagated by sunlight.

Conclusion; if human being, animated by the most advanced permeation of energies, de facto, orbital broadcast, is showing diverse participation within so called passages of time/string paths (isolated vs none isolated), than spectrum of Energy within each passage, or string path is also oscillating.

Space is propagated by 3D permeation within diverse spectrum of Energy … .

All of the above illustrate relevancy within;

Man <=> Universe <=> Multiverse
Men <=> Universe <=> Multiverse

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