The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Luminescent Data vs the Book … .

Time frame; how my book developed over the years.

“Each man is like a separate, unique Universe”, these few profoundly important words still resonate within my aware memory. Time frame; six grade in Poland / Silesia / Gliwice 1975-1976.

During that time I was trying to construct astronomical telescope based on Galileo design, yet, I couldn’t get focal lenses. At the same time I was reading a lot of literature, physics, art, biology, as well as old horoscopes with vibrant illustrations, showing different kind of symbolic references.

In the same time as well as in following years, while intensely reading biographies of great artists, philosophers, scientists, most notably Leonardo da Vinci, I came across Vitruvian Man. Fascination with this this simple, yet, brilliant masterpiece was never quenched even to this day. Decades long analyses, search for references beyond graphic, visual substance brought me to the point of interconnected Universe.

In subsequent years, while studying psychology, architecture I felt, more via intuitive whisper, than a tangible logical frame of logic, not to mention experiments, that there must be a whole new science hidden beyond obvious symmetries.

It was a true whisper of the Universe, indeed.

Despite long break from a subject, I was never detached from Man as the Blueprint of the Universe.

If there is a destiny, when it comes to science and discovery, this is it. My awareness was attached to this notion for years and decades. I think, my mind, subconscious was working very intensely on the subject. These thoughts were always present, whispering over and over again; ” get to it, now is the time”.

In subsequent period, while becoming more familiar with physics, biology, astronomy, art, architecture, geometry, poetry the whole picture suddenly emerged.

Within man is embedded the whole science of the UNiverse as well as Multiverse.

After decades of observation, learning, analysis this theory became paradigm, proven in every aspect, yet, this is just the beginning.

“Every human being is like a separate universe”, this very sentence, innocent, naive in the mind of 12 year old kid became the motto of this book, 42 years later (to date), nearly 800 pages are filled with articles.

Down deep inside I know that the author of this book is Intelligent Design, and I am just scribe, who write whispers of the Universe and I am profoundly grateful for this gift.

This book was meant to be, the whisper was following me all the time, persistent, clear and loud. I was, de facto, taken a “prisoner” of this phrase;

“Every human being is like a separate, unique Universe”.

Today I can add to this; human society reflect animated proximity within cellular computation, while broadcasting
Universe <=> Multiverse interconnected Energies within string paths, which define living unaware <=> living aware … .

And this is just the beginning … .

Energy; all we were, all we are, all we will be … .


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