The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Luminescent Data …

Energy levels are controlled and maintained via permeation of Energies within interconnected Universe <=> Multiverse, yet, within Energy orbitals constantly penetrating subsequent dimensions with particular orbitals.

The very same same principle is present within Biological Blueprint of the Universe, de facto, human.

Kinetic performance, motion, is, de facto, essential, because motion is parallel with information, yet, data simultaneously organizes partitions into logical sequence, even more profoundly once flow of Energy is maintained within continuum.

Another important development is that closed systems do nit exist (the law of thermodynamics). Energy permeation within Universe <=> Multiverse is causing internal as well as external fluctuations within quantified energies.

Closed systems  are not existent in any dimension, including Earth, Solar System, Galaxies, Clusters, Universe, Multiverse.

So called “closed system” can exist only within far reaching proximity (yet is non existent).

Same principles we can observe  within Biological Blueprint of the Universe, including social interactions, moral codes.

DNA is composed by Energy Orbitals within spectrum of light propagated within 3D animation projected by compatibility in subatomic levels.

DNA code is, de facto, kinetic sequence, vibrating permeated within its own orbitals, compatible as well as compatible opposite.

While seeking perfection within Universe, beside Divine science, yet, desire for perfection, perfection within Energy <=> molecular is manifested by  kinetic performance, due to the permeated energies, energy orbitals within interconnected systems.

Even within extinction of species (dinosaurs) is embedded energy orbitals, refined to the point, yet, laying foundation for more sophisticated animations by populating 3D space with specific genetic material, active on subatomic level, yet, biologically active, while composing subsequent animation in any given state of animation.

This is a permeation of Energy on subatomic level, which animate wonderful performance in scale;

Hidden Symmetries


Transparent Symmetries

Brain Function (10).jpg

Great Book of the Little Creek.jpg

Earth  (5)a.jpg

Universe              <=>           Multiverse








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