The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Luminescent Data …

The essence of life is embedded within kinetic data, yet, precisely engineered information broadcast, which oscillate via transmissions, while inflating permeated 3D dimensions, where diverse proximity is multiplied between Universe within Multiverse.

Universe <=> Multiverse is animated by the Biological Blueprint of the Universe, yet, Biological Blueprint of the Universe is animated by Universe within Multiverse.

This is, de facto, living broadcast animated by engineering, science, where projection of  self  awareness, quantified within man, yet, frame of awareness is expanding along with fragmented science into permeated knowledge.

You search no more, within man dwell the essence of all science, yet,  so much more Divine promises animate future from the past  … .

Universal kinetic dimensions are reflected within human dimensional structure… .

A. Einstein was searching for the mechanism, which controls Universe, yet, this mechanism is animated by permeated dimensions, de facto, data, which penetrate Universe, yet, Universal data within Multiverse and vice versa,

Universe populate other dimensions, yet, other dimensions, hidden symmetries populate Universe with compatible data <=>Energy.

Refined data is projected within dimensions, shared,  and animated within permeated broadcast, parallel to  human while passing DNA code to another man, yet, from dimension to dimension <=> while navigating within endless proximity multiplication sequence.






Image9600 _edited-1.jpg

Galaxy a.jpg

Dimensions propagate subsequent dimensions, yet, within permeated data;

Human <=> Society
Universe <=> Multiverse
Permeation of Energy
Transformations of Energy
(electric, chemical, sound, light, mechanical etc.)

Human hearing system could serve as an example and tangible solution to generate electricity from sounds. In addition, human reflect diverse designs with regard to energy transformation within entire biological system.

Vitruvian Man abc^
Hearing system, vision, brain cells, peripheral nerves, kidneys, muscle cells, as well as senses are examples how to generate various types of energy efficiently.
In addition plants provide vast solutions as well.

Image9287_edited- 1





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