The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Animated Universe vs Hidden Symmetries …

Energy  animateorbitals within 3D permeated broadcast.  This is, de facto, projected hierarchy of existence in every manifestation navigated within Universe, as well as Multiverse.

Human reflect permeated Energy Orbitals, seamlessly integrated, blended, if you will.

Permeated cellular vibrations oscillate, yet, within equalization sequence; cellular, organs etc.

Mapping Resonant Waves within permeated orbitals, would allow to precisely estimate (diagnose)  state of biological animation (inner cooling within cellular animation as well as internal organs oscillate below original design. This is a first sign of an ailment on atomic level) , which, if undetected, is causing irregular, insufficient flow of electromagnetic energy.

By Mapping Resonant Waves <=> orbitals we could assess precise  map with regard to human health status quo.

We know that excessive amount of fuel, energy,  in interstellar projections or insufficient amount of fuel, energy leads to certain and anticipated performance, either quick burnout or the opposite. The very same principle define human animation <=> stars within Universe.  (example; Sun)

Interactive Energy interact with inanimate matter (at the absolute kinetic minimum), yet, by the compatibility within opposite, equalization sequence is activated and maintained, yet, both influence every animation.

Interactive Energy is embedded within Energy Potential.

Multiplication within Proximity
Interactive Energy  (orbitals) <=> Neutral Energy (+/-) <=> Density <=> Mass <=> Gravity
Energy Permeated Orbitals

Permeated Orbitals within Permeated Density  <=> Gravity
Neutral Energy

Permeated Energy Orbitals are animated, miraculously, embedded within
living Unaware Energy <=> living Aware Energy.


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