Please stop madness of war … .

Please stop madness of war before it starts… .

Mark J. Wagner shared his post52 mins ·

Dear Friends around the world,

Another military conflict is unfolding, well designed, founded, orchestrated, for decades.

All actors are in place, ready for deadly dance, we all know so well.

Please stop war before it starts. Similar appeal I forwarded before war in Iraq, Syria. All Peace mechanisms failed, children, families were bombed, cities destroyed, countless people were killed, injured.

I repeat all mechanisms with regard to Peace failed. I have to admit, there were few people who took on the street, there was Vatican opposing war. All failed, even those voices, which called first to stop war, yet, later, whispered, it’s a “last resort”, “war only if everything fails”. Yet, we all knew everything is meant to fail, yet, war is a way of life for some.

Please stop war in Asia. UN ought to delegate envoy, European Union ought to send envoy, United States ought to call for peace not sanctions, which torment regular people, and even reinforce opposition.

Within American society, which I cherish and support, there are set of complexes, such as WW II complex, Hiroshima and Nagasaki complex, Korean War complex, Vietnam War complex, Jews are carry complex of leading construction of atomic bomb among with others. In highly competitive society, yet, military leadership, above complexes may play a role to push for war and overcome weight of bad decisions, complexes of abused science, complex of being defeated by much smaller society, Cold War complex to reclaim leadership.

I know America and I have a great respect for American People, yet, I have met and encountered attitudes, which never stop calling for being “even” with anything that may undermine sense of superiority.

North Korea is on wrong path. Militarization and threats against USA, regional peace is not feasible, yet, potentially dangerous, devastating. What else we can learn from the media; the leader of North Korea is controlled by vast network of influences. This notion is clearly displayed on every material submitted. This man is destined for war, not only by his own will, yet, by powerful forces, which navigate his life, reinforce anticipated attitude.

Military, intelligence leaders in North Korea, please stop dangerous game, initiate meaningful negotiations, promote peace in the region.

Please stop war games, which all too often squeeze blood and tears from innocence. People are dying around the world, to feed economy based on death trade. People are dying around the world because Regional War Doctrine is still maintained. People are dying, entire societies are being tarnished. People are dying, because suffering is being romanticized in movies, war games.

Please stop war games. Please initiate peace rhetoric, yet, not rhetoric of peace, which ought to bring war sooner or later.

Please engage entire human society to overcome obstacles and barriers, yet, protect North Koreans from harm, US military from harm, Asian from regional conflict, which has the potential to spread. Please engage scientific community, religious leaders.

My personal words to North Koreans, US military entire Asian community; we all, I need you among living, yet, not potential victims.

Koreans are brave people, yet, we want you to be an integral part of the society, with everything that we agree, as well as issues we disagree. The game of last resort, reconstruction after the war, was already played in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East. It is a game of last resort, which always comes, yet, bombs wreck the night after night, day after day, human lives… .

I demand peace beyond last resort rhetoric.

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner


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