The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Animated Universe vs Hidden Symmetries …

The composition of Space is identical to human, biological animation: interplanetary space is filled with  electrically charged particles, solar dust, kinetic broadcast from diverse sources, galaxies, comets, inanimate matter at the absolute kinetic minimum to name a few.

Universal composition from subatomic to galactic super cells is distributed within molecular non-biological as well as molecular biological.

Universe is composed of Neutral Energy (so called dark energy, with luminosity which could not be detected at this time) which is estimated at present time to about 70%.
Human body is composed of diverse elements, yet, about 65-70% of human mass is oxygen. Both, Neutral Energy which fills the Universe and oxygen are kind of “neutral”, yet, animate energy, tangible, potent.

We could state that elements within human body are somehow suspended, propelled via its essence, oxygen.

Based on this observation, Universal Neutral Energy (UNE) animate kinetic broadcast  similar with regard to properties of  oxygen.

UNiversal Animation <=> UNiversal Navigation <=> UNiversal Communication <=> UNiversal Adaptation

Another important parallel is dark matter in Space, estimated at about 25 % and
water in human body, estimated at about 50% – 75%. This example require further studies and clarification, yet, water, same as  dark matter are two, profoundly, essential energy sources.

In previous articles I indicated that Universal Animation within Multiverse was initiated by homogeneous Energy, which is true, yet, homogeneous energy was formed from essential elements, precisely engineered, yet, blended seamlessly in nuclear Vortex of Matter;

Multiverse <=> Universe <=> Nuclear Engine <=> Biological Blueprint of the Universal Animation
Vortex of Matter
Universal Elements <=> Fusion <=> Fragmentation <=> Fusion
Vortex of Matter
)< Multiverse >)∞(< Universe >(
Permeated Energies

Heredity phenomenon (DNA) is animated by the above sequence, yet, greatly influenced by environment, which oscillate within proximity, vibrations <=> string path within specific sequence… .

I would go even further by anticipating that molecular memory within DNA, cellular composition is reaching Universal animation from Initiation Sequence, yet, DNA, cellular composition contains memory of Multiverse Animation as well, due to the interconnected animated permeated sequence.

Additional parallels within animated proximity;
* neural network including human brain <=> energy orbitals <=> fabric of space
* population (human) <=> multiplication within Universal animation (galaxies, clusters, Solar animations etc.).
* population density, capacity etc.

Humans reflect animated blueprint of the Universe <=> Multiverse along with its furthest past as well as unlimited potency … .

Intelligent Design oscillate within two essential orbitals; simplicity <=> complexity, quantified, blended, yet, logically animated … .

Human neural network resemble Universal, yet, Universal resemble Multiverse, yet, Multiverse is reflect human neural network … .

(image credit: 2,3,4,5 Wikipedia)


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