Why the Holy Trinity didn’t destroy Satan ?

Why the Holy Trinity didn’t destroy Satan ?

There is no greater power than the one, which created the world, yet, in the Heavens unfolded rebellion not against Divine, but against man.

God gave man free will to navigate within Divine energy, free will, which ought to reject bad energy.

If God would destroy Satan, than bad energy would reinforce bad energy and the spectrum of evil would be even more powerful.

Same principle applies to human being. From the beginning God would not claim single existence, even the most miserable morally, and in this instance so called “holy scriptures”, which describe God’s punishment are wrong. God doesn’t kill, torment, the story of Jesus eloquently navigate within vicinity of Divine paradigm.

Divine Plan navigate within transformation from good to better, from better to perfect, yet, from bad extreme to better. This is a battle of energies, yet, deep embedded science of transformation.

God doesn’t kill, torment for trespassing, yet gives every tool, opportunity to transform crisis into harmony. It is up to us.

Even so called “righteous punishment” oscillate within violent act, force against force, force vs pain, suffering, yet, this development would be below Divine standards. There is a better way, more powerful tools to transform man, and subsequently to change the world.

In addition, often described God’s punishment is not a punishment, but vulnerability against evil energy, which is taking over minds and hearts denying true source of wisdom, life, progress.

Divine energy is potent, available to anyone who is open and willing to accept, yet, once someone denies Divine, positive energy is not longer shielding man from evil.

Please understand that God oscillate within Energy, miraculous, tender, powerful, yet, free will clearly indicate boundaries between good and evil.

Every man is powerful to make a difference even while facing enormous difficulties, and this power comes from Divine stream of wisdom. If you fail, doors are always open for a new beginning, refreshing breeze, your will is speaking to the most remote corners of the Universe, even if you don’t succeed 100% on Earth, you have succeeded in the Heavens, by the power of a free will, which desire God as his Guiding Energy… .


Jesus I trust in You



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