The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Animated Universe vs Hidden Symmetries …

Learning from the Book of Heavens

Initiation Sequence

Water boiling effect; while observing behavior of molecular kinetic broadcast, we can derive interesting conclusion; “Homogeneous Energy” is animating subsequent energy animations, permeation of energies fragmented into string paths.

In addition, we are able to observe slight temperature variations (on molecular level), energy orbitals, resonant waves, lens effect as well.

This is obviously simplified example, yet, illustrating mechanism with regard to Universal initiation sequence.

Water boiling effect, experiment (under typical conditions) reflect;

Data Permeation <=> 3D Broadcast

Data permeation is inflating space into Universe, from limited Space into Universal animation.

Initiation sequence from the vicinity of Space is affecting global via broadcast of permeated energies, yet, through fragmentation permeated animation propagate permeated diverse broadcast.

Inanimate Matter at the absolute kinetic minimum is awakened by Interactive Energy;

Pressure <=> Temperature <=> Inflation of Space <=> Kinetic Performance
Paths within Transformation

Initiation Sequence <=> Energy Permeation <=> Data Permeation <=> Space Inflantion

Universal Animation <=> Multiverse Broadcast


Permeation of Energy <=> Blending Sequence


Energy Equalization Sequence

Universal Equalization Sequence is essential to sustain Universal Broadcast within Multiverse Broadcast;

Permeation within Energy


Equalization Sequence

Universal Equalization Sequence <=> Multiverse Equalization Sequence

Vortex of Matter

Vortex of Matter <)(> the engine, which equalize extremes within;

Energy <=> Density<=> Matter <=> Mass


Vortex of Matter

Universal Animation within Multiverse Broadcast is animated (possible) via constant flow of Energy, yet, regulated by equalization sequence.

Biological Blueprint of the Universe reflect every aspect within permeated Universal Animation <=> Multiverse Broadcast, yet, Equalization sequence is particularly important.

Biological Blueprint of the Universe
Universal Animation <=> Energy Flow <=> Multiverse Broadcats

Equalization of Energy

History of the Universe_edited-1.jpg

Universal Permeation Broadcast

Living organisms react on Stimulus <=> Impulse <=> Universe within Multiverse is a living, aware organism within permeated diverse Energies<=> Awareness Orbitals, where the slightest kinetic projection is affecting entire system.

Biological Energy is compatible with Molecular Energy, yet, within proximity animated by precise string paths <=> sophisticated orbitals of awareness.

Biological Energy <=> Molecular Energy
Universal Permeation Broadcast

. . .

Electromagnetic Energy Chamber

If kinetic Energy is generated via interactive Energy <=> Inanimate Matter (at the absolute kinetic minimum) within electromagnetic broadcast, than it is feasible to anticipate production of electromagnetic energy (electricity) within existing Energy fields, which are everywhere, common, potent (air, water). Every molecule, substance is electrically charged.

By constructing Electromagnetic Chamber (for household, personal use), Resonant Waves Chamber, we could generate electricity without wires or via wireless transmissions (Tesla).

Electromagnetic Chamber <=> Generating Energy <+> Amplification of Energy

via Enhanced Vibrations

Image9287_edited- 1

Electromagnetic Chamber would solve diverse issues with regard to Earth, globally, by implementation Intelligent Design principles; Energy is Everywhere.

Save Humanity <)(> Save the Earth
Save the Earth <)(> Save Humanity

(All Rights Reserved 2017)

Energy Orbitals; from subatomic to classical theater we replicate molecular, quantified Universal Animation<=>Multiverse Broadcast … .

Permeation of Energy animated by Intelligent Design …


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