The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Animated Universe vs Hidden Symmetries …

Quantum world project  its own unique eloquence animated by Animation <=> Dimension <=> 3D Broadcast

Quantum animation is unique in every sequential performance particle, yet, this very property is reflected within Biological Broadcast; no two men are identical;

Quantum Broadcast <=> Human (biological broadcast)

Space and location within animated sequence define identity broadcast, de facto, Energy.

Human brain is precisely fragmented, yet, integrated seamlessly with inner, as well as external source of Energy, quantified and projected in any given sequence. The very same define identity within fragmented Universal animation … .

Energy, as well as subatomic electrical charge is not constant at any given fragmented sequential performance, yet, fluctuate within proximity embedded within space dimension, which is permeated by diverse proximity … .

Formation of stars, galaxies, Universe is animated by compatibility, yet, permeated compatible opposites propagated within 3D Space (Energy inflation);

Energy <=> 3D Space Propagation <=> Universal Animation

Subatomic orbitals are defined and animated by kinetic relation within animation within orientation;

Energy Orbitals
Navigation <=> Animation <=> Orientation
Quantified Energy oscillate within Fragmented Energy
Permeated Broadcasts

Above observation indicated relation within subatomic animation, yet, at any given sequential animation, which define not only kinetic eloquence projected by Energy, yet, embedded within Biological Animation, including Human eloquence in particular, which is animated not only by vibrations (spoken word, singing), yet, by motion, body language, mimics, dance etc. These are navigation tools vs orientation within 3D Space, yet, expanded in molecular <=> Energy vocabulary, yet, their source is within Energy Orbitals.

Intelligent Design is eloquent and propagate new navigation paths,
beyond necessity, de facto … .

Permeation of Energy within diverse permeated sequence animated within 3D Space propagate Navigation <=> Communication with the source of transformation. Yet, this broadcast is miraculously animated from Energy orbitals and populated by;

Energy<=> Energy Orbitals <=> Density<=> Matter <=> Mass <=> Resonance
Waves <=> Lens Effect
Compatibility <=> Compatible Opposites
Kinetic 3D Universe

Yet, future communication will be silent within resonant waves, vibration synchronized within participating parties (every human is unique, yet, not replicable, besides sequential proximity… .

Energy Orbitals <=> Subatomic Animation <=> Communication <=> Biological Animation

Energy Orbitals


Vibrations <=> Resonant Waves Orbitals
xpanded circle of fifths Kolo Kwintowe

Theater on British Isles


Theater in Italy

GPS Orbitals


Energy orbitals in any given animation reflect precise broadcast within propagated dimension due to the fact that it’s optimal within 3D projected sequence <=> kinetic performance is compatible with Energy potency embedded within 3D dimension.

Energy <=> Kinetic inflation <+/-> Kinetic Deflation <=> Compatibility <=> Compatible Opposites
(expansion <> contraction)
Equalization within Permeated Forces


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