The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Animated Universe vs Hidden Symmetries …

Scientific theory becomes a paradigm once explanation within diverse occurrences is possible. In this instance human being along with biological spectrum as well as molecular Universal Broadcast is proving its importance.


Equalizing forces within Universal animation is projected within Energy Levels. Water for example reflect this very property, while navigating toward the state of neutrality. Equalization of forces is animated by precise proportions within;

Interactive Energy < = > Dynamic Energy < = vs = > Energy Levels <= vs = > Inanimate Matter at the absolute kinetic minimum.

Energy <=> Interactive Energy <=> Inanimate Energy, equalize animation within Universal animation (water reflect a neutral state at the absolute kinetic minimum).

Interactive Energy < > Inanimate Energy





Harmonic Geometrical

Image9348_ edited-1

Both Energies project permeated fluids properties within states of animation. Every substance, within states of Energy is liquefied, as well as able to crystallize. States of Energy are embedded within Energy levels projected within temperature proximity.

Temperature Proximity <=> Energy Levels <=> States of Animation

Universal Tidal Forces are animated within Equalization of Forces within Universal Broadcast. The „tipping point” <=> equalization of forces, is explainable by relation within permeated Energy reflected within fluid animation <=> proximity interactions.

Human, biological animation, project within animation permeated broadcast within equalization of forces.


Musical composition, classical masterpieces, project permeated vibrations within 3D animation, yet, fluid Energy broadcast compatible with human blueprint <=> electromagnetic energy. Approximations within vibrations is due to the mirroring of Intelligent Design.

Human, the chosen one, yet, animated by simplicity of Energy within diverse complexities broadcasts, where states of physical awareness, dynamic, unaware, is expanding toward the frame of consciousness, which is, de facto, animated within state of Energy <=> 3D Broadcast.

In addition, Universal animation closely resemble human brain, broadcast within limited, finite space, yet, unlimited potential.

Human reflect Universal perfection, de facto, wisdom, which is expanding, yet, parallel within state of awareness, which animate frame of consciousness.

Human animation is parellel with Universal animation;

Multiverse ∞ Animation

Human Animation > ꜛ ꜜ < Universal Animation

3D within Permeated Dimensions

Permeated Dimensions project Energy levels within Universal Animation, as well as Multiverse.

Permeated Dimensions
Energy Levels <=> Orbitals
  Universal Animation Multiverse Animation

Universal Truth; Energy, yet, everything else project proximity animated by permeated states within Energy.

Vitruvian Man A - Copy


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