Resurrection, the science of awakening …

Resurrection, spectacular manifestation of force, energy defying human perception, knowledge, senses … .

Yet, Resurrection reaches beyond Divinity, while translating its powerful healing force into human affairs.

Resurrection is the philosophy embedded into Divine plan, which allows man to be awaken once again, and again.

Human destiny is Resurrection, yet, not only in after life, but Resurrected within blended together Spirit and Molecular existence.

The essence of Resurrection is anticipation that every man, woman, every human being will reach the transition sequence already Resurrected for Grand Resurrection.

Is than Resurrection quantified ? Certainly.

Molecular science is compatible with Spiritual … .

Human body is constantly resurrected by the flow of energy within and beyond, regeneration of body, moral, ethical animation. Yet, not only human can be Resurrected, but nation, entire societies.

Resurrection, the beauty of Universal transformation, while maximizing potential at any given moment … .

Resurrection manifest the science of awakening … .


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