The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Hidden Symmetries vs Quantum vs Gravity vs Spin …

Spectrum of Energy vs Visual Pathways

Visual pathway illustration is showing flow of Electromagnetic energy, transformation of data into vibrations, de facto, compacting data as well as calibration of Energy;
Spectrum of Light <=> Calibration <=> Compacting Data <=> Projected Animation

Visual pathway


Compatibility within Universal Broadcast is proven by scientific instruments, which are unaware while participating.

Universal Animation <=> Compatibility <=> Biological Animation <) Compatibility within Propagated Broadcast.

Biological Broadcast of Energy is compatible within Universal Broadcast via Expansion of Data >)(< Compacting Data … .

Permeated Universal Dimensions are compatible with the singular source of Transformation <=> Energy <=> Quantified within propagated vibrations <=> Fabric of Space… .

visual pathway

In addition, Permeated Symmetries apply to biologically active organisms which propagate performance of highly sophisticated organisms, superior animations <=>
bacteria <=> enzymes etc.

Universal Permeated Symmetries
Simple Permeated Symmetries <=> Compose <=> Sophisticated Permeated Organisms
Universal Broadcast

Molecular Kinetic Symmetries
Radiation =>) *(<= Vibration

visual pathways


Human Visual Path is indicating that entire Spectrum of Energy is absorbed, calculated, calibrated, transformed, compacted, not only visible radiation.

Spectrum within Radiation Broadcast is diverse with regard to so called projected aura (colors, hue).

visual pathways a


NASA MWA Star Clusters.jpg
(image; NASA MWA Stars Clusters, UIC)

Human is composed from compatible data, quantified Energy within Permeated Symmetries, as well as String Path within Universal Broadcast… .
Based on this observation we can formulate important quality within Broadcast Energy
Human Aura <=>  Radiation,
which oscillate within compatible vibration composition (unique with every respect).

Human Aura <=> Performance <=> Permeated Vibrations (variable)
This observation is extremely important with regard to health maintenance, cures as well as Mapping Resonant Waves … .


Energy Spectrum <=>DNA <=> Aura <=> Data
Homogeneous Energy <=> Universal Broadcast within Diverse Permeated Symmetries <=> Molecular <=> Biological
Universal Compatibility
Universal Compatible Opposites


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