The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Hidden Symmetries vs Quantum vs Gravity vs Spin …

Quantum Symmetry is animated within broadcast Symmetry <=> Wave >*< Particle.

Permeated Symmetry <=> Permeated Kinetic Broadcast

UNiversal Animation is, de facto, reflected within human animation in all stages. Universe within animate quantified broadcasts, yet, parallel with hue of sound <=> UNiversal Broadcast.


Equalizing Broadcasts 

Depth within Universal Symmetry is projected within orbital levels, permeated frequencies <=> Orbital Energy Levels, yet, propagation within spectrum of  light is also changing its kinetic performance as well.

Particle Energy Levels(L. Bohr).

Energy Propagate Energy within Permeated Symmetry within diverse broadcasts
Particle >*< Wave experiment
Energy within propagated Symmetry is animating Lens Effect.
Lens Effect <=> Frequency <+> Multiplication within Symmetries
Permeated Patterns

Waves are, de facto, Kinetic Energetic Orbitals (opposite to constant).

Lens Effect; kinetic threshold within propagated spectrum within Permeated Symmetries.

Quantum Physics  > = <  Gravity Force

Force of Gravity incorporate within its kinetic broadcast broad spectrum within Energy <=> Density <=> Matter <=> Mass <=> Multiplication within Permeated Symmetries.
Quantum Broadcast <=> Quantum Energy <=> Mass (ultra low density/mass broadcast).

Weak Force <=> Strong Force 
Both physical phenomenons can become either one by transition within Orbital Levels of Energy.

Not only particles change its Orbital Level, yet, Orbitals are, de facto,  frequencies > < Orbital Symmetries, which oscillate as well >*< Permeated Symmetries… .

Kinetic orientation (left <=> right) is associated within Permeated Frequencies <=> Permeated Symmetry within Orbital Levels of Energy … .

Spin is, de facto, the same kinetic configuration within Universal Navigation <=> Universal Broadcast <=> Fabric of Space propagated by the Permeated String Paths <=> Permeated Symmetries … .

Spin doesn’t change, yet, kinetic orientation (left <=> right), configuration of Poles (N/S).

ꜛ( ◌ )ꜜ

Bohr <=> Einstein
Both are right  – with regard to dispute about quantum mechanics; an act of observation, measurement doesn’t define performance, yet it could within Orbital Level of Energy broadcast.

Quantum Entanglement <=> Compatibility of Data … .

Entanglement is explainable by the broadcast within string path <=> Energy Orbitals <=> Compatibility… .

Energy is interconnected within spectrum of propagated states <=> Universal Broadcast; spectrum of Energy of the Sun affects all animated states of Energy on Earth, inner core  and beyond.

Universal Permeated Broadcast is interconnected (wired) by Broadcast of Energy/Data <=> Compatibility <=> Permeated Symmetries <=> Fabric of Space … .

Within UNiverse there are no two identical particles, yet, compatible (related) within kinetic proximity <=> vibrations <=> Orbital Energy Levels (ꜛ) ◌ (ꜜ) … .

Human oscillate within Energy Orbitals while absorbing > < emanating energy … .
Quantum Physics <=> Biological Broadcast





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