Liberties; denied 2337 days …

To; His Holiness Pope Francis

Liberties; 2337 days

I’m getting threatening phone calls form USA. My children are scared, brain washed, disoriented, emotionally victimized by organized crime, The Octopus, which stretch its influence in various countries, including Poland. Silent permission encourages criminal behavior.

Organized crime often uses religion, church, devotion to create cover-up.

On the street provocations, follow-ups.

My children and myself we are defenceless against resourceful, well founded organized crime, de facto, The Octopus, while operating under conspiracy of silence.

Be Blessed with Every Breath,
Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

Wives are (permitted) killing husbands and sons, yet, another wave of violence is erupting, while family become violent against each other and this is acceptable behavior between Parishes just meters from Churches. This is not a movie scenario, yet, the status quo of organized crime, The Octopus, where the law of vendetta, blood thirst is never quenched, yet, no one is speaking about.


Writ of Habeas Corpus_edited-1a_edited-1.jpg


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