The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Hidden Symmetries vs Equalizing Universal Wave Motions …

Within Universal Animation are propagated two distinct forces; expansion as well as contraction; Unification <+> Fragmentation <=> Unification. Gravitational forces animate broadcasted Density<+> Matter <+> Mass within Energy toward unification, yet, expansion of the Universe stretch Fabric of Space. Space within Universal Animation expand, yet, contract, according to The Biological Blueprint of the Universe; lungs, heart, cellular composition.

Those two distinct forces are, de facto, organic manifestation of Universal Wave Motion, which Equalize Universal Animation within permeated Broadcast of Symmetry.

Eualizing opposite forces, from subatomic animation, yet, compatible forces within Universe is the essence with regard to Symmetry > < Permeated Symmetry, including proportions, and subsequently aesthetic propagation of Energy within 3D Space.

Aesthetic Propagation within UNiverse > < Multiverse is propagated by equalizing kinetic opposites, compatible, yet, harmonic (human vs singularity, human vs social, music, etc.) animation embedded within proximity.

In addition, Energy is constantly fueled by an interaction within Kinetic Energy <=> Data <+> Inanimate Matter (at the absolute kinetic minimum). Absolute kinetic minimum is essential to propagate life, unware, as well as aware. If inanimate matter would be at the absolute neutral state (below absolute minimum), than kinetic Energy would not be sufficient to animate Universal propagation, at least as we experice.

To rephrase the notion, we can conclude that Kinetic Energy is expanding, while absorbing inanimate matter (at the absolute kinetic minimum). After completion of sequence, a new identity will be propagated, Universal Animation, while broadcasting an Energy within inanimate matter.


/ ( * ) \

Energy <=> Density <=> Matter <=> Mass


Universal Gravitational Potential <+> Gravity ( > < ) Universal Expansion


UNiversal Navigation

Equalizing Universal Wave Motions


Permeated Sequence

/                                      ^                                     \

Universal Expansion <=> Multiverse Expansion

\                                   ^                                   /

Organic Broadcast





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