To; His Holiness Pope Francis Excellencies, Cardinals, Bishops, Clergy … .

To; His Holiness Pope Francis
Excellencies, Cardinals, Bishops, Clergy … .

Your silence is reinforcing, allegedly, organized crime in Poland, USA, as well as other countries, Israel, Russia, Germany, where members of this group are residing, communicating. One of the key figures, woman is protected by US, Russian, Israel authorities. She is untouchable while being protected by the conspiracy of silence.

Organized crime is spreading out with its influence, while corrupting more and more people. Family abuse and destruction, human rights abuse, hit man threat, intimidation, discrimination, severe abuse in virtually every aspect of life, assassination attempts.

Inaction, “neutrality” is perceived as permission Your Holiness, Excellencies and I’m afraid is also profoundly touching some members of the clergy as well.

Hierarchy is being informed about complexity of the issues, decades long, perhaps longer program aiming toward criminalisation of individual, family, society even religion, faith, legalization with regard to fraud, lynching. All of that is based on profiling and prejudice, historical, religious, ethnic as well as as severely misaligned sense of competition.

I thank God and good people for all the goodness, including clergy, people of faith, yet, organized crime between parishes is suppressing those good souls, everyday.

I am being followed by a group of people, who conduct psychological experiments, even emotional tortures, along with use of sophisticated techniques, technology, just meters from the parish. I don’t need this kind of “training” as some refer and describe, de facto, dehumanization “training”, pure evil in front of the church, just meters and minutes from the Holy Eucharist.

Situation, Your Holiness, Excellencies is out of control in Poland, as well among some groups in USA.

Despite severe discomfort and hurt, I manage the situation to the best of my ability, yet, how many souls were lost only God Almighty knows. These techniques are implemented with persistence, precision, yet, with deep understanding of human psychology. Resourcefulness of organized crime, in my case, is limitless, so it seems.

This is the status quo of organized crime, which spread by allowance of silent attitude.

Recently organized crime is blocking my cell phone, in time, when my child is celebrating important Sacrament at the Church, I am being followed all the time, while shopping, at the library, virtually all the time.

I am experiencing, daily, very intense anti-American attitudes, even anti-Polish. Whoever is behind it, these people are demonic in a strict sense of the word.

Decades long abuse some call “training”, yet, silence is all organized crime needs to become The Octopus.

Be Blessed with Every Breath,
Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

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