The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Hidden Symmetries …

Human visualization within 3D animation composed via permeation of geometry, as well as corresponding arithmetical and sound broadcasts from the initiation sequence (fertilization), through subsequent stages  would show the very essence of the Intelligent Design.

Visualization of singularity within multiplication of proximity;

in fragmentation dwell whole, yet, in whole dwell fragmentation … .

This is the essence of man, society, as well as Universe. We are, de facto, related with all things, from hidden symmetries to transparent broadcasts.

Geometrical permeated sequence, algebraic permeated sequence, sound sequence, color sequence, chemical sequence, molecular sequence, all integrated into one Universal form, Divine science… . Yet, while watching this spectacular, divine kinetic animation, we would be invited to experience breathtaking science.

Human is related with every form of existence, within its own string path, including unaware 3xistrence, biological 3xistence, even minerals. Human manifest an integrated animation within all elements, directly or indirectly related.

Human 3D animation is composed by geometry of nearly infinite geometrical transitions permeated within 3D Universe <+> Multiverse.

The Sacred Geometry is not a shape or combination of beautiful drawings, but permeation of shapes, scientific permeation of data, which dwell within infinite transformations.

Sphere for example,  is not a solid propagation but a composition of shapes within shapes, often unrelated, so it seems, yet, related and compatible; this is the Sacred Geometry within Sacred Mathematical Equations, Sacred Chemistry, Sacred Vibrations/Sounds, Sacred Light Spectrum <=> Human within Sacramental Navigation … .

Geometrical transitions, animated within complete propagation, integrated within internal animation, yet, external  permeation as well, including movement of the Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Galaxies, Vibrations of Energy, kinetic Universe within Multiverse …

3D Space

Permeation of Energy >< Initiation Sequence >< Broadcast of Density <+>
Broadcast of Matter <+> Broadcast of Mass
(propagation from background radiation)

Creation a.jpg

Light is related with entire existence, man is animated by spectrum of light;  light crystallizes and subsequently through stages of fragmentation, quantification, biological subatomic network emerges within diverse  Animated Broadcasts



Vitruvian Man  A - Copy.jpg


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