The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Hidden Symmetries …

Hidden Symmetries <=> Transparent Broadcast

Image 9300.jpg1 mm (+/_ > .)


Zygote cell animated by fertilization,  reproduction (male <+> female). This tiny cell, approximately 1 mm in size, envelope nearly complete data, de facto, new human being.

Dynamic process with regard to fertilization reflect Universal animation, yet, reaching beyond Universe as we know it. Animated broadcast of Energy within Density <+> Matter is mirroring within proximity the Universe >)^(< Multiverse as well as space travel, space compression, de facto, data.

Energy animate inanimate space within absolute kinetic minimum <=> cellular data computation <=> inflation … .


Biological Blueprint of the Universe, in this instance human being, reflect the most sophisticated composition of data, yet, fertilized cell incorporate entire Universal science, in 1 mm dimension. Miraculous science, Intelligent Design …


Image    5106.jpg

Energy flow within permeated kinetic animation; Energy <=> Density >< Matter >< Mass

Image9287.jpgBohr’s atomic model.

Atoms are, de facto,  vibrating clouds of Energy suspended in 3D UNiversal Animations within broadcast of quantified energy.

hydrogen atom.jpg(picture source: Internet)
crystal ball river.jpgCrystal Ball and river (public domain).

If fertilized cell incorporate complete set of data about human being as well as Universal Broadcast, than Universe manifest lens effect quality as well within Multiverse network.

Subsequently above statement provide another solution with regard to space travel, yet, multidimensional as well, where compression of data along with space fabric flexibility (shrinking, stretching etc) is achievable through electromagnetic spectrum as well as lens effect.


Image  9204A_edited-1.jpg



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