The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Space Travel vs Mapping Resonant Waves vs Kinetic Broadcast …

Hidden Symmetries;
While analyzing subatomic particles, Hidden Symmetries emerge, along with their behavior, kinetic potency,  all is suddenly transparent within 3D. Hidden Symmetries in any given animated scale project reflection, parallels,  in this instance bridging molecular dimension with biological and subsequently human being;
3D Broadcast <()> + Energy +> Density +> Matter +> Mass

Subsequently Hidden Symmetries Broadcast emerge transparent, yet, reflected in kinetic propagated properties within quantified Energy

Hidden Symmetries Broadcast > )=(< Transparent Symmetries Broadcast 
Molecular Broadcast >)=(< Biological Broadcast
3D Permeation Broadcast
Singular Broadcas t >)=(< Multiplicated Broadcast 
(social) within proximity 

Let’s analyze and illustrate above notion:

3d Helium Atom - black










(image source: Internet)

Children a

(image source: Internet)
children d
(Image source: Internet)
children a
(image source: Internet)
children c
(image source: Internet)
children e(image source: Internet)
children g

(image source: Internet)

Children feynman diagrams
Feynman Diagrams

. . .

Once Permeation within kinetic projections occurs, complexity within simplicity animate diverse, existential broadcast, beyond absolute minimum into infinity;

1+1 = ∞

. . .

Kinetic replication as well as mirroring within broadcast proximity propagated in scale;


Kinetic Broadcast is transformed, its permeated imprints along with broadcast proportions within  Energy +> Density +> Matter +> Mass … .

Vitruvian Man A

Permeated Seasons
As Sun rises after sunsets,
Five seasons animate existence,
Spring, Harvest, Autumn, Winter, Spring … .


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