The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Space Travel vs Kinetic Broadcast vs Intuition … .

Horizon of events is non existent, due to the kinetic nature of Energy.

Permeated animation broadcast 3D realities of UNiverse embedded within Multiverse … .

Every human being is, de facto, one of a kind Universal Creation, that;s why we ought to take care of every human being with unlimited potential, perhaps with a special mission to enrich our civilization.

Divine UNiverse distribute unique treats in the most unexpected places, how often we are surprised, yet, this is the rule of the Universe, seek within and beyond. Within every man, women, child is a solution and perhaps path to the next chapter written is stars.

Universe is without doors, anyone is appreciated and invited for the feast, feast of love, knowledge, happiness, yet, the most profound recognition dwell in awareness; I am in you, you are in me … .

I can’ imagine science without spirituality, yet, I can’t imagine spirituality without science, I dwell in both equally, because there is no difference between science and spirituality … .


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Curiosity >< Science >< Emotions are the driving force of every discovery, de facto, progress.

Yet, intuition is a fine path into the Universal knowledge, de facto, infinity …

Intuition doesn’t say how or when, yet, intuition is guiding us in the right direction. It’s a whisper of the Universe, animated by Divine force embedded into Intelligent Design, it’s a whisper of the best friend you will ever have … .


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