The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Space Travel vs Mapping Resonant Waves vs Kinetic Broadcast …

Hidden Kinetic Symmetries within  Human Mind <=> Hidden Universal Symmetries <=> Data;

Animation of Energy within 3D Propagation <=> Human Mind <=> Symmetry <+> Hidden Symmetries …

Human mind replicate Universal quality with regard to fabric of space as well as Universal animation.

Countless books were written about perspective, lines, points, which merge at certain point on the horizon, yet, this doesn’t happen, but human mind is shrinking geometrically, de facto, folding space seamlessly and elegantly within propagated 3D animation, de facto, physical reality, a tiny fraction of its original projection, yet, reorganizing dimensions in order to arrive with scientific eloquence at certain point or projections.

Human mind is calculating diverse data, as well as propagate permeation within symmetries, including hidden symmetries as well.

Human Mind along with it’s Hidden Symmetries is proving that Space within Universal Animation could be  folded, stretched in a very elegant if not fancy way. Universe, fabric of space, is a flexible, de facto, vibrant, kinetic dimension within dimension etc.

Human mind is an extension of propagated Energy … .

In addition Space within Universe doesn’t represent dimension only, yet, is able to propel an object as well … .

Geometrical Synthesis is just a fraction of animated permeation within Universe.





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