The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Space Travel vs Mapping Resonant Waves vs Kinetic Broadcast …

Universe can only be assessed through the prism of the beautiful transformation.
It’s not about time, but animated beauty ….

A quantum Univ vs Multiverse

(illustration: MJW)

Does Cosmological Constant oscillate, yes. If it does, than oscillation perform within approximations, because nothing is identical within Universe, except the notion of transformation, diverse and propagated via permeated symmetries … .

The notion of Infinity is non existent, yet, infinite permeated transformations animate Universe, as well as subsequent dimensions.

Universe <=> Beginning and End <> Multiverse <=> Infinite <=> Energy Oscillations

Universal Projection >*< Multiverse Projection ( } Energy Network { )

Animated Energy Network 

/                                \

               UNiversal DNA               <=>            Multiverse DNA Network

/ \
Mapping Resonant Waves
within Kinetic Broadcast of Data

                        Can we assess the age of Multiverse or even Universe; probably not. Energy is animating Multiverse as well as Universe within progressive networks, approximations propagated by refined, subsequently more advanced broadcasts of Energy as well as permeated Symmetries.

Universal 3D networks of data within Multiverse 3D networks of data evolve, transform, permeate possibilities, it’s about beauty and creativity our world is saturated often beyond imagination … .

Music always serves as an eloquent Ambassador when it comes to Universal Energy.
Let’s assume that Universe is represented by one Musician, yet, Multiverse by the Grand Orchestra not only coordinated and integrated as one one miraculous organism but the composition is evolving, yet, creativity within possibilities not only make sense, but are breathtaking … .


Does Multiverse improvise, certainly, yet, according to permeated symmetry of logic, animated within string vibrations, which propagated 3D spectrum, because One dwells within Whole, yet, Whole dwell within One <=> Kinetic Interconnected Broadcast of Data …







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