Archimedes … .

 Archimedes: Romans were too practical to slain man who helped to defeat Legions for two long years.

Perhaps the untold story of Archimedes is that he was imprisoned, yet, all his works, writings were acquired for the welfare of the Roman Empire.

Is it possible that Archimedes and Leonardo were related ?
Probably not, yet, their writing style is somehow alike.

For Romans science along with the codified law and pleasure became a way of life. In this instance we could derive interesting conclusion: Romans adopted from ancient Greeks art, believes, as well as from Jews codification of law. Please remember that Jews were present all along with Roman Empire: ancient catacombs in Rome. Jews are profoundly attracted to power.

How extensive this presence was is yet to be determined, but recent observation suggest that often servants become masters. Who knows.

Artistic Editing, Retouching; B/W, Color by Pink Republic … .

Archimedes Palimpsest.jpg

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