The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Space Travel vs Mapping Resonant Waves vs Kinetic Carrier of Data …

Faraday’s fascination with burning candle in the darkness resonate still, yet, candle light represent another form of electricity as everything in Universe as we know it is electrically charged.

The very essence of Energy is electric charge, electric current, electromagnetism etc, yet, despite advances in science and technology, electricity is still fully undefined.

As we grasp the notion how electricity works, how to use it, we are still struggling to comprehend the nature of electricity.

Electricity; Space <+> Kinetic Broadcast of Data <+> Universe

We already know that Universe contain data in every phenomenon known and unknown, despite of density, composition of matter, yet, data without a carrier is non existent. Electricity is either data carrier, kinetic data carrier, kinetic data transformer.

Electricity <=> Kinetic Data Carrier, which simultaneously navigate within quantified engines of data.

Within illuminated stars,
Candle light dwells,
Broadcasting past >< future as one … .

Energy is quantified by intensity of its own kinetic potential and performance.

The Depth of 3D Broadcast
3D is quantified, yet, the depth of 3D Broadcast permeated within diverse animation of Energy (observation), quantified spectral projection propagated by Kinetic Carrier of Data.

burning candle_edited-1

To understand self, we ought to comprehend UNiversal Animation, yet, to comprehend Universe we ought to understand self as Universal Broadcast propelled by Intelligent Design … .

Geometry do not refer to projected shapes as much as infinite propagated broadcast of Energy within animated proximity… .

While seeking harmony in nature, Universal order, divisibility of Energy calls for attention.

Universal Broadcast is inflating, stretching, compacting, transforming data within permeated animations propagated by Kinetic Broadcast of Data, Electricity: sound waves, visual animations, where entire spectrum is compressed within 3lb miracle, yet, it’s just a first step while accessing subsequent kinetic data progression.

Human is animated by light, yet, a natural and logical anticipation is to perform along.




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