The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs Space Travel …

Energy is a manifestation of eloquence within awareness, while translating Energy into Density and subsequently Matter.

Universal Data <=> Communication <=> Navigation
Universal Navigation <=> Universal Communication

Earth manifest data composition derived from projected animation, beyond coincidence. Yet, if human can plan ahead, de facto, compose future animation, than this relationship within sequential ability is beyond coincidence as well.

Speaking is an another form of translating Energy into subsequent sequential projection as well as navigating within phenomenon defined already as  Symmetrical Permeation.

Geometrical Permeation is transparent within motion the Universe, yet, changing while a reference point is different. Once the object is observed from a different reference point it does change  observation/object as well due to the proximity within Symmetrical Permeation.

Symmetry is not projected from replication, yet, replication within approximations
Geometrical Permeation

Universe is carving animated reality from within quantified Energy.

3D animation is, de facto, propagated multiplication within 3D animated, diverse approximations.

Static Density/Mass vs Kinetic Density/Mass vs Velocity

Density / Mass +
————————————>   vs  Universal Symmetry
Velocity +
Friction +
Speed of Light

Speed of Light <+> Density/Mass <+> Velocity <+> Friction

The ratio between Density/Mass of an object vs Velocity vs Density within Fabric of Space is causing increase of weight of an object in motion.

An object in Space while in motion <^> high velocity is  dragging along fabric of Space:
Density/Mass (object) + Density/Mass (fabric of Space) + Velocity (+/_) = Weight

An objection in motion does not gain the weight, yet, we can describe this phenomenon as kinetic ratio between;
Object/Mass >< Velocity ><  Space/Mass >< Friction>< friction vs fabric of space is causing weight increase due to the Universal Density/Mass Ratio vs Speed of Light.

Increase in velocity animate unification of sequence with Matter vs Plasma/Speed of Light (to the degree), yet, while  in reversed sequence, velocity (+) vs density/mass stays the same, than friction between Density/Mass of an Object vs Density/Mass of Space (fabric of space) is parallel with velocity performance.

Velocity vs Density/Mass vs Speed of Light <=> Unification toward the source of an Energy (disintegration of density/matter, decrease in Mass)
^ Reversed Sequence
Velocity vs Density/Mass vs Friction vs Speed of Light <=> Reversed Sequence <=> Increase in weight on an object <=> Multiplication within Density/Mass of Object x Density/Mass of Space (Fabric of Space).






In order to reach the speed of light an object need to become the light or a different kind of Energy.

What than is beyond the speed of light ?

The notion of traveling at the speed of light is by the definition an abstract, yet, it become a tangible issue once distribution within Density >< Mass >< Fabric of Space at the certain performance within certain increase in velocity is parallel.

Speed of Light <=> [Density >+< Mass] Parallel Distribution >+< Velocity of an Object

< ◙ ——————————– ∞ —————————— >

Question: does Light is kinetic or perhaps an Energy of Light transforms inanimate space (so called cold light) into progressive electromagnetic kinetic waves <=> particles or both.

If inanimate Space is animated within absolute minimum, than interaction between (Light) Kinetic Animation >< Kinetic Potential (Space) within absolute minimum is anticipated.

Space travel: Distribution of Forces in Space (diverse); an object ought to rotate to achieve Dynamic Space Velocity,  including acceleration, maneuverability etc.  Rotation is distributing Fabric of Space >< Diverse Forces within Dynamic Space around and within, while “gliding” at dynamic speeds;


Speed of Light <=> Velocity <=>  Parallel Distribution [Density <+> Mass <+> Space]

< ◙  ——————————- <(◌)> —————————– >

Friction Ratio ꜛ/ ꜜ (〖〗) ~  ▒ Forces within Fabric of Space

                                                                

     Universal Lens 
Stretching <=> Bridging Dimentions <=> Shrinking <=> Fabric of Space

3D ᴖᴗ 3D

 Human Perception <=> 3D Animation <=> Eye <=> Propagation of 3D Animation

Brain Function (31).jpg
(picture credit: Internet)

Space travel reflect Data embedded within Universal Animation;
Data <=> Dispersion of Data <=> Compression of Data  <=> Data

:                                                                                                                     :
           :                                                                                              :         
:                    :                                                                           :                   :
           :                  :                                                          :               :
:                    :                 :                                         :               :                   :
           :                  :                :        < o >        :               :              :
:                    :                 :                  Lens              :               :                   :
           :                  :                                                          :                : 
:                     :                                                                             :                 :
:                                                                                               :
:                                                                                                                      :

Animation  <————->   Data Compression   <—————> Animation
Speed                                                       Light                                                 Speed

. . .

Mapping Carriers of Data (MCOD)

  • Spectrum of Light
  • Wavelengths
  • Resonant Waves
  • Quantum Vibrations
  • DNA Vibrations
  • Frequencies
  • Sound Waves (Music)
  • Radio Waves
  • Brain Waves

    (image credit: Wikipedia)

    In any scale, within projected animation Resonant Waves are Harmonic.

    Mapping Resonant Waves is essential to define Reality within 3D, perceptual as well as subatomic and would allow to design any object with great accuracy, yet, built machines from subatomic dimension, including for Space Travel purposes to dimensions propagated by Energy.


    While every Universal animation vibrate, performance of Resonant Waves, as well as combination within Spectrum propagate diverse projections.

    Resonant Waves, de facto, translate Universal Data even at the absolute kinetic minimum <+> kinetic dynamic projections, while propagating Geometrical Permeation. Resonant Waves within kinetic spectrum compose interwoven Fabric of Space.

    Space translated into Universe is filled with data, yet, data is  Energy, and Energy propagate kinetic data, while performing within diverse compatible proximity.

    UNiverse <=> Data <=> Kinetic Carriers of Data 

    Mapping Resonant Waves would allow to translate and observe Geometrical Permeation, numerical data, sound, colors, kinetic performance within specific environment, wave patterns.

    Resonant Waves Permeation <=> Geometrical Permeation <=> 3D Animation

    Pixabay Public domain.jpg

    To anticipate participation in perceptual data projection, as well as to design high performance object, machines, comprehensive Resonant Waves Mapping is essential.

    Human being is animated within complex, as well as diverse composition of Resonant Waves, which are, de facto, derived from Energy.

    magn field.jpg

    UNiversal Animation is, at any given sequential projection, kinetic, yet, the spectrum within vibrations is oscillating from absolute kinetic minimum (cold light, inanimate matter) up to the speed of light and beyond.

    UNiversal Broadcast of Data
    Focused Energy  >*<  Dispersed Energy  >*<  Focused Energy
    Space                            UNiverse                  Vortex of Matter
    Quantum Mechanics 

    Translating animation into compact, low density high velocity animation and vice versa.

    UNiversal Broadcast ≈)~> Compacting (shrinking) Universe (space)
    If focusing and dispersion occurs, while inflating and compacting data, than Space within Universe is also possible to shrink,  and it’s happening within projected propagation and subsequently translated into compact animated data (human vision).

    UNiversal Broadcast <=> Resonant Wave <+> Space <+> Resonant Waves(s)

    Large Scale Animation >< Translating Data >< Compacting Animation 
    Data                                                       Lens                                                      Data
    <————————–(<(∞)>) ————————–>
     Speed of Light +/_

    The Paramount Law of Transformation .jpg



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