To: His Holiness Pope Francis: Legalized lawlessness, legalized lynching, legalized imprisonment … .

 To: His Holiness Pope Francis

For years repressive agencies, either Polish or foreign, in Poland are using very powerful technology, so called frequencies while programming sequence to be imprisoned within 21 m2 dwelling by reluctance to leave the apartment.

This method along with psy-ops on the street, at the church, I am being followed every time I leave the house, is aimed to completely isolate me, emotionally and physically from the society.

Since January powerful programming is implemented aiming toward reluctance to leave the apartment nearly paralyze me. It takes a lot of effort to override programming.

The symptoms include: sweating, emotional discomfort even disorientation, accelerated heartbeat, include programming toward disorganization with regard to daily routines, learning, erasing certain quality such as following plan, follow-ups, affecting inner peace.

With regard to foreign and domestic abuse, citizen protection, Poland is no man’s land.

Pro-military thugs are roaming the streets very time I leave the house, they have in disposal powerful technology along with unlimited resources. Often pro-military thugs are with children, strollers, women, to maintain clever disguise. Man and women combination is clear sign of adaptation of US standards/FBI.

Recently I am experiencing attempts toward violent attitude, including provocations from women, who are set-up to provoke, push beyond acceptable.

As I have indicated, for years, I became the subject of persistent and vicious dehumanization and radicalization against God, religion, tradition, family.

Emotional, physical mutilation combined with persistent psychological tortures became the norm at the same time attempts to erase everything that I have learned with great effort.

Poland doesn’t deserve abusive state, abusive church, lynching.

Legalized lawlessness, legalized lynching, legalized imprisonment.

During my birthday I was left alone same as during holidays. I didn’t get a phone call from my children who are being thought to dislike me. My kids are surrounded by people who navigate their attention and emotions toward reluctance as well as disdain.

The picture is grim, ugly and abusive, straight from the worst regimes in human history.

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