The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs the States within Proximity…

Light; Light is, de facto,  Universal data carrier,  which peacefully populate limited Space while transforming into inflated kinetic Universe.

As we observe near and far animated Universe we experience organized data, within kinetic bridges animated by Energy <+> Density <+> Matter.

Organized Universe is propagated within kinetic projection, which represent the essence with regard to Universal order, simply put it, Energy within kinetic progression propagate highly organized navigation… .

Kinetic data is highly organized due to the navigation within Quantum Energy animated within any given scale … .

Light <=> Data <+> Propagate Information within compatibility, Universal Symmetry, while populating Space within Universal transformation, yet, the Proximity of Light is also projecting Universal Lens Effect as well … .

Universe is measurable by compatibility, yet, Intelligent Animation, human mind, a thought, which surpasses any speeds, carriers of data, light, which represent optimal performance to animate Universe.

Light <=> Human Mind <=> Thoughts … .

Human is animated by Energy <+> Density <+> Matter, yet, animate it’s own proximity within reality, while projecting expanded transformation within data… .

To achieve optimal transition (speed) within sequential Universe (distance), where density represent serious obstacle, defragmentation of data composition, yet, unification of data would provide tangible solution.

Universal travel beyond data propagating by light, while reducing density, similarly to Universe is propagated and transitioned within Space into Universe.

Another solution is to unify instantaneously past with the future, which becomes the past, where future is not yet propagated but possible to compose.

Yet, the ultimate data carrier (travel performance) is human thought,  which project multidimensional sequence within sequence. Human mind is the ultimate engine with regard to Universal travel, while propagating animation compatible with the source, Intelligent Design, inflation within Universal data composition.

Human thought <=> Universal bridging navigating within multiverse/dimensional propagation.

Data: space is projected by data, yet, data animate Universe … .
Data <=> Space <=> Data <=> Universe <=> Data … .

Universal Parallels <=> Biological Blueprint of the Universe Space <=> is populated by data, which animate Universe, yet, data project social  properties by the definition <=> Parallels <=> Human within singularity <=> Human within social fabric <=> Fabric of Universe <=> Universal Parallels … .

Space is populated by Intelligent Data <=> Earth is populated by Universal Intelligent Data, yet,  Space is transformed within Universe potential into Animated Universe by propagation of data of transformation <=> Electromagnetic Spectrum … .

Infinity <=> Potential Infinity <=> Animated  Infinity <=> Propagated Transformation <=> Multiverse Animation … .

Propagated data composition … .








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