To: Mr. Secretary General António Guterres at the United Nations. Hunger and malnutrition in the world … .

To: Mr. Secretary General António Guterres at the United Nations

The problem with food is solvable within months, yet, no longer than 12 months time frame.

Due to the restrictions with regard to production of food and food related products, including in Poland/EU, farmers are limited to deliver food related products, which would solve the problem, globally, with hunger and malnutrition.

As I indicated in previous articles, dry milk as well as additives such as vitamins could provide not only essential relive in term of hunger affected areas, yet, provide beyond essential solution with regard to food deprived societies to all people despite age and gender, while maintaining basis for growth and well being.

Dry milk is attainable in nearly any quantity in Poland, as long as limitations are lifted by the central management at the EU.

This solution is easy to implement and feasible at any level: production, processing, packaging, transportation.

There is no reason to maintain farming limitations, while people are suffering with hunger.

Knowledge, resources, technology are in place, waiting to eradicate problem with malnutrition for children and adults alike at any location on Earth including Africa.

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

“I am here to draw the world’s attention to the fact that today, more than 20 million people in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and north-east Nigeria are going hungry, and facing devastating levels of food insecurity…

The lives of millions of people depend on our collective ability to act. In our world of plenty, there is no excuse for inaction or indifference.

We have heard the alerts. Now there is no time to lose”.

— United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, speaking on Wednesday


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