The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Universal Navigation vs the State of Proximity…

 Every mechanism within animated projection such as thinking mechanism, visual mechanism, memory mechanism, hearing mechanism is propagated by Universal navigation within arrangement of atoms (physics, chemistry).


Thought was created by the very essence of quantified Energy during Creation … .

The combination of diverse physical phenomenons is, de facto, propelled by the relation within Energy as well as Universal Symmetry >< compatibility within proximity; quantified Energy into Density and Matter into subsequent complexities.

In my opinion Universal Laws evolve while oscillating within one proximity into another, this is essence of Energy. Energy is never in a constant state, yet, constant proximity … .

Let the Energy perform while following its potent paths… .

Human within singularity as well as human race as multiplication within singularities is at any sequential performance in a State of Proximity, while oscillating within transitions, which are infinitely similar, while animated within a state of infinite uniqueness … .

While looking at the mirror we perceive an image within diverse physical projections, yet, infinitely unique, while projecting proximity within proximity … .

With regard to Uncertainty Principle (Heisenberg) in my view the State of Proximity project precise science, as well as measurement within variables at certain sequential propagation within Universal Navigation.

Human, singular as well as collective animated projections  illustrate kinetic relation within Energy as well as subsequent physical states, including quantum projections. Yet, uncertainty principle, in this instance is precise within specific kinetic margin. Uncertainty refers to subtle system of transformation within specific environment.

All physical states within Energy oscillate within specific data, fine and illusive changes which define performance.

Symmetry within quantum mechanics define performance via breaking symmetry, yet, the fabric of Universal Space is interwoven by kinetic performance as well as sequential permeation within sequential proximity. Human/singularity vs human society illustrate this phenomenon eloquently.

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