The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation …

The Map of the Universe is animated by an Energy, where kinetic spectrum within sequence is unveiling the past. In order to observe animation as it happens human would participate within complex and extra dynamic propagation within;
Energy <(~)> Density <(◌)> Matter.
* Telepathy. This phenomenon is not only possible, yet, it will become a common communication. Telepathy refers to compatibility within specific, yet, fine defined electromagnetic vibration. Please remember that every human being animate approximation within the whole, where there are not two identical animated by an Energy biological projections. In this instance, once string vibration will match compatible animation, than projected Energy animate perception.
The whole notion with regard to Telepathy is oscillating within Universal navigation. Every man, child, woman is animated in different location within Universe as we know it, where Universal spectrum differ.
* Generations. This notion oscillate within compatibility animated and parallel between Human generations as well as Cosmic Generations (both are virtually the same), yet, the difference is projected within propagation of Energy within Universal spectrum, based on maximizing potential. Human civilization define compatibility by implementation of a free will.
* The Beauty of Animation is propagated from nano-scale to Universal Scale. Human in this instance is also reflecting animation within all given propagated spectrum.
* How to measure goodness in the Universe. This is not an impractical question, indeed. Once You look up on the Firmament at night, than approximation of Goodness is evident.
Human society shall reflect this very principle, yet, even is destined to exceed material world with animation of compassion, equality.
The Laws of Physics include moral animation as well.
Universal animation reflect light as dynamic transformation, yet, dark spots reflect, de facto, potential within animated projected Universe.



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