The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation …


Symmetry <)^(> Breaking Symmetry <=> Antisymmetry;
This phenomenon manifest projected animation via sequence of transitions within propagated geometrical shapes <^> 3D. Symmetry is never at the constant state, yet, transforming, due to the kinetic nature of Energy at any given scale within sequential animation.
Energy <)*(> Kinetic <)^(> Potential:
Defined by sequence <^> transition within Universal symmetry.
Universe is propagated via highly organized and potent data embedded within Intelligent Design, yet, profoundly, compatible opposites, spectrum of light (/\) inanimate matter.
Highly intelligent energy propagate highly intelligent, complex animations within
Energy <)(> Density <() Matter sequential navigation.
Intelligent Universal navigation animate intelligent matter, compositions, biological projections, Human animation within quantified Universe.
Entire Universe, as we know it, is propagated from a singular source, Energy, yet, within inanimate matter projection, where  subsequent animations are composed by the subatomic >(*)< atomic structures.
Universal animation is defined by navigation within compatible opposites, de facto, symmetry in any sequential state propagated from a singular source.
The composition of Universe inflated from a limited space along with quantified Energy at the Initiation sequence is indicating, very strongly, that human animation was initiated at the Initiation sequence, often called Big Bang. Molecular structure embedded within composition, including elements, atomic percentage, chemicals project, in my view, transparent animation of the Intelligent Design, compositing data, man from the beginning of the sequence, reflected in symmetry >(*)< breaking symmetry <)=(> compatibility, including compatible opposites.
Within human composition is integrated four essential phases at any given sequence;
Solid <+> Liquid <+> Gas <+> Plasma. Yet,  sequence is illustrating kinetic projection since Initiation sequence in subsequent compatible direction within sequence, as well as compatibility within Biological Blueprint of the Universe < ( ^ ) >< { ), including compatible opposites.
Energy fragmentation was necessary to compose densities, matter, yet, the sequence within fragmentation is also embedded sequence of unification; compatible with a four essential phases ( } >< { ).
Transformation of the Energy < ) ∞ (> Kinetic Projections <)/\(> Electromagnetic Potency.

Human via diverse simplicity within complexity reflect highly organized and designed animation between Energy <)(> Density <() Matter, Universal navigation is possible due to the Intelligent Design.


Organized compact data <)(> organized quantified data <()> animated organized data >()< designed sequence within unification of data <()> Intelligent Design … .
Human is embedded within Intelligent Design and represent animated Multiverse projection, due to the fact that animated Universal entities are compatible, yet, interconnected via Universal Energy … .
( } ∞ { )

Human ( } <+> { ) { ) { ) Society animate reflected mechanism projected within Multiverse propagation of Energy.

Existence is an Energy in every projected animation. unaware as well as aware, yet, navigation between Energy and subsequent Densities <+> Energy indicate that existence is a natural state of Energy within quantified in any given scale existence. In this instance UNiverse is predictable with regard to existence within molecular and biological animations.

The question about existence is answered; existence is a natural state of Energy composed by Intelligent Design, which propagate animation within animation, yet, where matter behave simultaneously as particle or as a  wave function, while compatibility within Energy <+> Density <+> Matter is propagated by laws, yet, physical laws relate to … , Energy.

Compatibility within opposites are possible due to projected Energy, where quantified animation is projected within quantified compatibility within opposites, in this instance, Density as well as Matter.  Fragmentation (quantum mechanics) is, de facto, the opposite to the whole, yet, at the same time is compatible because is propagated from the singular source. Beauty … .

In this instance we can not differentiate Energy from laws governing animated projections because all is blended within Kinetic Spectrum \(/^\)/ Animation within Animation … .

For your kind attention and review prof. F. Wilczek.
Marek “Mark” J. Wagner



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