The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation …


Universal Inflation … .
The essential property of the Universe is kinetic animation. Yet, the expansion of the Universe is due to the Inanimate Matter as well as kinetic nature quantified Energy >+< Density >+< Matter … .
Often we hear “invisible world”, yet, all invisible is, de facto, visible in any given scale.
Energy >+< Density >+< Matter is all the same in subatomic, nano scale, as well as in any given scale, including galactic projections. If it weren’t so, than Universe would not make any sense at all.
* Invisible is visible in any given scale … .
*Lens Effect; kinetic animation within geometrical objects in motion. Divers animations within lens effects are projecting geometrical varieties within Energy >+< Density >+< Matter and subsequently within molecular as well as biological diverse animations. This would explain why fauna and flora is diverse in shapes, colors and obviously functionality.
* Zero in arithmetic axis animate specific data, yet, opposite to “nothing”. Zero is navigating with inanimate matter approximation (fluctuating between any given occurrence), yet, zero is not an abstract. Zero is embedded within kinetic animations, de facto, oscillating motions. Zero is navigating within kinetic quantified animations.
* The amount Energy within Universe. Within quantified kinetic Universe Energy is distributed within spectrum of light as well as *temperature (kinetic inflation >+< kinetic deflation). The example of this phenomenon is observable in human beings as well as properties of water. Dispersion of Energy into densities >+< physical states.
Every physical state within Universe is an Energy kinetic >+< kinetic potential … .
* Energy defines the dimensions of space, yet, subsequently Universe … .
* As I indicated in previous articles, the kinetic spectrum within biological animation, yet, entire spectrum within animated Universe is holding observable physical state of Energy in the past, yet, human mind is able to break the boundaries of the past and reach the future.
Yet, by being animated within the past we can safe design the future without taking profound risks with regard to misaligned Energy with its compatibility as well as potential, the very essence projected within Intelligent Design.
* The inflation of the Universe as we know it is due to the animation within Energy >+< Density >+< Matter <+> Inanimate Matter <+> Compatible Opposites … .
Yet, the inflation is due to the propagated Vortex of Matter, which navigate outside the Vortex of Matter due to the kinetic ratio within.
* Universal Inflation >+< Animation: kinetic orientation within diverse vortex of matter defined by (ratio) speed, density, inflated state (size) is causing inflation of the Universe: diverse “flywheels” animated within speed, size, kinetic direction, density. This is, in my opinion, main factor of the Universal inflation … .
For Your kind attention, review prof. F. Wilczek.
Marek “Mark” J. Wagner 



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