The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation …

(photo; MJW)

Illustration is showing essential aspects with regard to Universal Animation;

* Inanimate Matter > Dark Matter (I prefer to use a different description)
* Flow of Energy <=> Energy <=> Density <=> Matter = Space <) Universe (propagation).
* Resonant Waves < Lens Effect
* Vortex of Matter (so called Black Hole)
* White Light <^> Spectrum of Light (RGB)
* Fabric of Space ( }  x { ) Compatible Opposites
* Inanimate Space < ~ > Energy < ~ > Universe
*  ~҉   Sequence within Intelligent Design
* Multiverse within Energy approximations <*> Multitudes

Perfection ¤ Intelligent Transformation ~ Animation … . 
Perfection is a kinetic property within animation, de facto, diverse paths within Energy which propagate Multiverse toward higher state of animated complexity within simplicity, where reality is as diverse as quantified Universe, yet, it’s a fraction within interconnected flow of Energy … .

Reality is defined by navigation within Energy <=> Density <=> Matter … .
Energy <=> Navigation <=> Animation <=> Reality … .

Geometry = Vibration <( * )> Intelligent Design … .
Geometrical animation is constantly in a state of transition. Geometry is a kinetic state within Universe as we know it,  that’s why is difficult to observe well defined shapes … 

(photo; MJW)


Multiverse <=> Energy is not only transformed, yet, transition of Energy into subsequent Universe is possible due to the interconnected diverse propagated animations (human <=> society). MJW
Provided illustration doesn’t represent Multiverse projections, due to the fact that propagated animated entities are disconnected.

Energy propagation is diverse, yet, is oscillating within vortex motion (inflation < ~҉   > deflation), which animate vast geometrical projections same as human thought, profoundly geometrical, because is oscillating within 3D animation; less complex organisms propagate less complex geometrical objects/animation.

Curvature of Space <) Universe is propagated by Energy within quantified states.

Within Space <) Universe is embedded kinetic data animated within Energy. Energy is navigating  within  Inanimate Space with a least possible amount of kinetic animation. For Your kind attention, review prof. F. Wilczek (Perfection -> Reality).

Respectfully Yours,
Marek “Mark” J. Wagner


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